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_counterculture's Journal

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80's music, ale, alternative sexuality, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient rome, anthropology, art, babylon 5, bdsm, beer, bettie page, bill of rights, bisexuality, biting, blood, blues, body art, bondage, books, celtic art, celtic music, celtic paganism, celts, chess, chinese food, civil rights, classical music, classical period, cloves, coffee, comedy, comics, dancing, doctor who, douglas adams, dragons, dreams, ecology, education, electronica, environment, erotica, fairy tales, fantasies, fantasy, fantasy literature, feminism, fiction, firefly, flirting, floggers, folk music, folklore, food, foreign languages, free speech, games, goddesses, gods, greece, hedonism, hiking, history, history movies, hot tubs, hugs, humor, incense, ireland, irish whiskey, irony, jazz, kink, kissing, language, languages, law, leather, linguistics, lingusitics, literature, magic, massage, masturbation, mead, middle ages, monty python, movies, music, musicals, mythology, native american culture, non-monogamy, nudism, nudity, opera, orgasms, pagan, paganism, philosophy, poetry, politics, polyamory, pop culture, psychology, pubs, queer issues, rain, rainstorms, reading, red dwarf, religion, ritual, rock and roll, rock music, rocky horror, roman history, rome, ruins, sci-fi, science fiction, science-fiction, scotland, scuba, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, sharks, sleeping, sociology, storytelling, stout, terry pratchett, theater, theatre, traditional music, travel, used bookstores, vampires, voyeurism, walking, wine, writing