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Back home

I am back from chaperoning for science camp. It takes place at the Marine Headlands. It was beautiful, but way too hot. These week long field trip are so physically and emotionally draining. I am now tired and I have a lot of work waiting on my desk. But I did enjoy the hikes and the scenery. It is nice to have my schedule back to normal.

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The Senate, following the House of Representatives repealed the 17-year old "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law. I am so happy. This was long overdue. Huzzah!!!
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When is a medieval guild not like the mile high club?

Question submitted by me in my seventh grade class today: So, class, can anyone tell me an organization around today that is similar to a medieval guild? (paraphrased, of course)

Seventh grade boy: the mile high club?

Me: stunned into silence for a few seconds. But then curious. How so?

Seventh grade boy: Isn't that a club for rich people?

Me: Um, not really, but I can tell you that it is not like a medieval guild. Okay, class, let's move on to a different topic...quickly.