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To Sophia Ahmed. I Dont know what to say actually. I'm still in shock that you're not here anymore. I never got to tell you how thankful I am to had met you in 9th grade and how welcomed I felt because of you. I felt so special that you came up to me on the second day of school and told me that you loved how I smiled all the time. You were so good to me and always brought me balloons on my birthday. Thank you so much.
I cannot believe this is it. Everybody loves you and you will forever be in our hearts.

I love you
that old pic


1 Fashion Merchandising Ables
2 English III Nathanson
3 Contemporary Media I Bennett
4 Cooking Allen
5 Geometry Raleigh
6 U.S. History Wade

comment if you have anything with me!

p.s. i got my lisence!

second post

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Im not going to write anything long, because i may go overboard.
But Chanelle was my best friend's sister's best friend.
She was my favorite of her friends actually.
Chanelle always made me smile, even when she would push me into things or hit me with those pool foam thingies.
She was beautiful inside and out and i cant believe we lost someone like that.
you'll always be in my heart.
Chanelle Lee Villalobes. I love you.