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Restore 2000 Years Of Culture

Hegemon, I choose you!

18 November 1979
It's a fact. Stupid people have stupid children. If you're stupid, please, don't have sex. Or, if you insist on having sex, then please, have sex with animals. Preferably animals smarter than you are. That way, if by some biological fluke you and the animal actually have offspring, odds are the offspring will be less stupid than you are. Oh, and one more thing. Don't assume the animal is protected. If the animal has a condom, or if female, some sort of inter-uterine device, insist they wear it. Please, help stamp out this mindless mindlessness. Keep your stupidity to yourself. This message brought to you by the council of concerned citizens who are smarter than you are.
1940's, 2 live crew, airsoft, anger, ant-zen, aphex twin, appleseed, armour, autechre, boots, brighter death now, bunnies, cannibalism, cats, chicks dig powernoise, classical antiquity, combat mission, combat sports, consume, converter, corsets, crunk, crushing you, cubanate, dark ambient, das bunker, das ich, decisive battle, despair, digital hardcore, discipline, dissecting table, dita, download, drunkeness, dwight yoakam, ecw, efficiency, europe, fallout, fallschirmjager, feindflug, fire, flecktarn, form:alkaline, gabber, ghost in the shell, great cthulhu, greco-roman civilization, greedo, gridlock, guns, halftracks, hank williams, hatred, haujobb, hayao miyazaki, history, idf, idm, imminent starvation, incendiaries, industrial, infantry, invader zim, irony, japan, john keegan, johnny cash, kevin smith, kittens, kompressor, la reconquista, lbm, lemurs, libertarianism, lotr, ludacris, manowar, masamune shirow, mc hawking, mentallo and the fixer, mg42, military history, military reenacting, ministry, monacles, monkeys, monty python, new city, new city suburbs, nikki vega, nitzer ebb, noise, numb, old-school secular conservatism, opeth, outlaw country, panzergrenadiere, panzerkampfwagen, piracy, pvc, rachel rotten, rational authority, robots dancing, robots fighting, robots fucking, rpgs, rythmic noise, sheep, shinjuku, shinjuku filth, shochu, short haired girls, skinny puppy, small-unit tactics, snog, song gets heavier, spk, spqr, stabbing, stanley kubrick, star wars, steel panthers, stomping, sturmartillerie, suicide commando, survival gaming, swooords, texas presley, the claw, this morn' omina, total war, turn-based strategy, uniforms, utterly grim necro-blackened frostcore, victor davis hanson, walter sobchak, war reenacting, wargames, wargaming, wehrmacht, wesley willis, winterkalte, women acting badly, x-com, yelworc, young ladies, your mom, zombies