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(no subject) [Nov. 23rd, 2004|11:57 am]
please try to have all contributions sent to me by december 20th. thanks!
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2004|12:47 pm]

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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2004|04:58 pm]
A lot of people have been asking what style the photographs should be - glamourous, candid, goofy, serious, etc. Basically, my only criteria is that it be a RELATIVELY STRAIGHTFORWARD image. I'd prefer it isn't anything overly posed, just more natural. You don't HAVE to smile, but if you normally smile for photos, please do. Whatever you are the most comfortable with.
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2004|10:56 pm]
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my most recent thoughts: [Nov. 8th, 2004|05:28 pm]
because this does have some aesthetic quality to it, there are a few formats i would like to stick with.

first, i want to use polaroids for the pictures. i understand that not everyone has access to a polaroid camera, but we can work around that. if you can't send a polaroid, please send a regular photo to me though the mail (email me for my address) and i will scan it and fit it into a polaroid format. also, digital images would be fine, but i need them to be at LEAST 300dpi because they'll be printed. whatever is easier for all of you. also, the reason why i must have a photo with YOU as the contributor in it is because i am insisting that the viewer of this project be able to connect the story with the presence in the photo. too often i think people are able to disassociate a REAL PERSON from a story about rape/sexual abuse/etc. you can cover your face, distort the image, or even have the back of your head to the camera - but it has to be you.

secondly, the text also needs to be in a certain format. the sample i posted in the entry below is how i'd like to keep all of them. therefore, when you send me your stories and experiences, i will reform them into that format.

the main thing you should know is that when all my information is gathered, i will be sending everyone a contract or release form, which explains exactly what your information will be used for. you will all be reading the text which i rewrite, and everyone can tell me if they prefer it to be altered in any way before it is displayed publicly. also, of course, no names will ever be released in the course of this project.
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details about the project: [Nov. 8th, 2004|05:26 pm]
hello everyone. i am writing to describe an art project i am just starting, and also ask for some help. i have for a long time wanted to begin some sort of rape project that could hopefully touch a broader audience about the subject and also raise awareness. i am a photography major but i work with mixed media, as well.

the basic layout at this stage is to have a polaroid with a square piece of text typed out on white paper underneath. these will probably be scanned and then printed out very large, perhaps about 20x34. the text, for example, would say something like this:

'she was being cared for in a russian orphanage. sometime between the ages of one and three she was sexually abused. consequently, she acts out violently and has uncontrollable rage. she was prescribed zoloft at the age of seven.'

the issue is that i would like for this to become a huge, ongoing project. i am beginning by using people i know who have experienced rape or sexual abuse, but there are many more whom i don't know personally. this is where you can help. would you be willing to share a small portion of your story and a polaroid of yourself? it can be anonymously donated to the project, if that would make anyone more comfortable. but i would like to collect as many of these as humanly possible and, once it is all gathered, create a unique and artistic way to help people in the world WAKE UP about this problem.

if you or anyone you know would be interested, please please please email me at: kristina@revolutionphotos.com

**it doesn't have to be rape. it could be anything that involves feeling afraid sexually, because no matter what it's still damaging. also, please link this to your journal if you think that would help to spread the word. this is for women, men, transgendered and ANYONE ELSE who has a story to tell. also, if there is a need for confidentiality, perhaps participants could design masks or a face covering in some way so a picture could still be included?**
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