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So..he does like me..

And I'm happy.

But the thing is, that one person can fuck it all up, and I know the one person who can.

Tiffany Jennfier I hope you know I love you and I miss you with all my heart
I hope you get un-grouded so I can see you tomorrow

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I wonder if he really does like me...

I hope so ♥

Wow, okay, long night, but had a great time with the bessie

"Your eating ramen noodles for the rest of the week...don't ask me for pants, dont ask me for SHIT!"


"This is like a jigsaw puzzle"
I love you Tiffany

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Wow, this weekend has already been the best<3

So Tiffer comes and picks me up on the way back from upnorth...wow I missed her a ton, on the way there, we had some good times...with her throwin a pack of skittles at me, and it fell in my hood and I had no idea where it went. Wow, gotta love it.
Then I get to the house and we cleaned, helped in the garage with her mom, then we decided to go to Gaylon's to hang out, so we both take showers, both do our hair, lookin' hella cute, Ryan, Gaylon, Jarrel, Bub && Kevin came and got us and walked us to Gaylon's. There was this kid, Gage, who was like...stalking us, scary...but Gaylon let him go inside his house? Eh, who knows...then we hung out in his room for a few hours, and there were good times up there too. Then we all wanted Taco Bell and Cheedarbob decided to buy us some burritos, so we get there and we're outside and Kevin goes to do a handshake with Gaylon and punchs the wall, ouch, his knuckles started bleeding, ick. Cheedarbob was makin a fool of himself, he works at tacobell and he was makin an ass outta himself. Then we went back to Gaylon's, then Ryan, Kevin && I walked to the store to get gum, ahhahaha, that was great "Can I pay you back 5 cents later?" "Promise?" "Yeah" "Okay" ...later on..."Are you seriously ganna pay him?" "Yeah! I go there all the time!" Hahahah...then wakled back to Gaylon's..chilled for a few outside, then started walking home. Tiffany && Alex walked to Adam's house and I walked with Kevin, gayln, Ryan, && Gage to the park where they were takin Gage home, and Gage was talkin about how he wanted to go to Kevin's 'grandma's' but he reallyt wasn't going to his grandma's..it was part of our secret plan. So it's like 10:45 at night and we're in a school park, and then we start walkin the other way and I see Tiffer, Alex & Adam, I became best friends with Adam, wow that kid is awesome. Then we swung, till like 11:30, then we started walking home. Terry called my cell phone, fagg, thats all I have to say, then we get to Tiffany's and we sneak Kevin, Ryan && Gaylon into Tiff's basement, we hang out, I get pissed cause' Gaylon, and then we play poker, everyone goes all in cause' we don't wanna play anymore, and Tiff wins, I decide to go to sleep, and Kevin did too, so we slept on the bed, Tiff had the couch, and Ryan and Gaylon stayed up and talked...me and Kevin didn't sleep either, just talked, then Ryan deiced to come lay on Kevin, and cuddle, and then Alex came downstairs, so there was like 4 people in one bed. Then Alex left to go to Adam's at 3:45 min the morning...like WTF, seriously, lmao! Then thats when Kevin && my pillow fight started, okay, it totally was not fair, seeing that he is amazingly buff and I don't work out :o)...but there's going to be a round 2 tonight, and I'm prepared :o) "Wow, your like my wife right now" <333333
Wow Tipsy is on the radio...<3 the song, oldschool biotch, k, no.
Anyways, then it was like..4:15 and Kevin, Gaylon & Ryan had to hide behind the bar so Tiffany's mom knew they weren't there, and then I went to sleep and they woke me up at 7:00 A.M. to make sure Tiffer's mom wasn't home, and then we went upstairs, they each took turns going to the bathroom, and then Kevin had to leave for a doctors appointment, and Ryan and Gaylon walked him to the In And Out, and then they got back and I decided I needed more sleep, so I went back downstairs and slept longer, and then I got woken up by Adam @ 9:00, so I went upstairs and there's really nothin else exciting happening..
Except Kevin, Ryan, Gaylon, and Jarrel are all comin over soon
Woop woop

Molly you missed out :o(
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