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James "Sawyer" Ford
Too Close To Run

June 2009

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James "Sawyer" Ford
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FM = fandom_muses
TM = theatrical_muse
IF = ineffablefandom
OPEN = Sawyer posting to his journal, open to interaction from any muse, any comm (usually memes and quizzes)
RP = Roleplaying posts

Sawyer's story:

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James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 287 - Prison

Four walls around me
Four walls of pain
Four walls surround me
And they all know your name
I’m tired of trying
And I know I’m not to blame
But I’m stuck inside of these four walls again

Mother Superior, "Four Walls"


Cut for spoilery post-finale speculation...Collapse )

Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 357 (w/o lyrics)

Current Mood: distressed distressed
James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 282 - Funeral Rites

WARNING: Spoilers for LOST S5 finale and speculation for LOST S6 beneath the cut...Collapse )

Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 334

James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 276 - siblings

No brothers, no sisters, nobody to worry ‘bout except for number one. I guess maybe even if things had been different, I’d have grown up a miserable bastard. “Every man for himself”…s’ the way I been livin’ my life since I was born.

I never missed it, neither…never wanted what I didn’t have, never envied folks that had what I didn’t. I knew early on that it was easier on my own. Didn’t have to share, didn’t have to worry ‘bout nobody stealin’ my toys or my parents makin’ time for another kid. I was young, but I had friends with brothers and sisters. I knew the score.


And now lookin’ back I’m grateful as hell I was alone. Alone growin’ up, alone as a man…alone the night my daddy came home and shot my momma dead ‘fore he put a bullet in his own brain. I was always grateful for that, just like some days when I happen to let my mind go that way…

I’m grateful Clementine’s alone out there. Just her and Cass, nobody else. Come what may, when times get tough? It’s one less person’s gotta suffer. Might be wrong to think that way…but that’s just the way I see it.


Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 207

James "Sawyer" Ford
[tm] 271 - a time you were sick

Cut for spoilers to 5.08: LaFleur...Collapse )

Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 435

James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 269 - Outsmarted


Worst taste of my own damn medicine that I ever had? Shit, had t’ be when that damn sneaky lard bucket Hurley duped me into playing Pappa Bear to the whole damn camp. Not somethin’ I’d admit to openly, but there ya go.

Problem is that the son of a bitch caught me off guard…maybe I underestimated him, but who would’ve thought anybody’d blow a shot like that? I’m a hard guy t’ fool, mostly ‘cause I do so much of it myself. Guy like Reyes has maybe one shot in a dozen to pull the wool over my damn eyes, and he wasted it on tryin’ to make me run for Island President.

Waste of damn time’s what it was, tryin’ to fill my head with ideas. Damn fool dough boy thought he could build himself a king that didn’t want or need buildin’…

Know what? I take it back. Screw Hugo and his nonsense. Worst time someone got one up on me was that damn poker game with the Doc. For a big damn hero, man’s a sneaky son of a bitch, and if I’d known he was a goddamn shill? I never would’ve tried to take him down head to head.

Note how I avoided the subject directly? Yeah, thought so…that’s ‘cause nobody’s ever outsmarted me. Fool me once, shame on me, but brains got nothin’ to do with it. Only smarts that count fer a damn are street smarts, and can’t nobody beat me in that department.

Y’know…so long as I’m payin’ attention.


Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 259

Current Mood: bored bored
James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 267 - In Media Res


Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 296

Current Mood: angry angry
James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 262 - 'Lines'

“Wanna hit?

The lines of white oblivion laid out so neatly on the proffered mirror called to him with promises of adrenaline and bliss, a wild night he was long overdue to indulge in…but instead of accepting he just smiled and waved the drugs aside.

“Not interested, Cal. Snort all yer cash up yer nose if you wanna, but I got better things to do with my take on this job.”

“Yeah? Like what?” His voice was colored with incredulity and a healthy dose of skepticism. That was the guy’s problem, he had no goals. Run the con, blow his wad, move on like a leech. Sawyer loved to spend his money, but at least he waited until he had a nest egg that he could really tear apart with some style.

He was starting to wonder just why he’d partnered with the son of a bitch…then took another look at the lines on the mirror and remembered the twenty grand he’d put up for the grift they’d just finished.

“Invest it.” Sawyer replied tersely, rising from his seat to walk away from Cal and the lines, busying himself with counting through the last of his cash and stuffing it in his briefcase. “Get rich and retire somewhere where the drugs are better, the cans are bigger, and the water’s so clean, y’all can actually swim in it.”

Cal laughed behind him, a high nervous giggle that made it clear he was already feeling the effects of his first line. Glancing over his shoulder, Sawyer noted the dilated pupils and the hands restlessly tapping out a beat against his legs as he sat there with the mirror on the table, lines laid out as neat and as pretty as the things they promised…

“Lotsa luck finding that, jackass. For water that clean, you’ll need to buy your own goddamn island. You sure as hell won’t find that shit in LA.”

He wasn’t joking there…but that just made it funny. Snorting with suppressed laughter, Sawyer continued packing away his cash. He was sick of LA anyway…too much traffic, too goddamn much noise. Maybe after he met up with that cute little Lotto blonde tonight, he’d hit the pavement for greener pastures.

Lord knew green pastures would be a hell of a lot better for him than white lines, anyway.

Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 391

Current Mood: cynical cynical
James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 259 - "I don't understand..."

NOTE: The Nikki referenced here is dont_needtodie and the setting references an AU RP storyline where Sawyer was rescued and began dating the younger sister of a former mark...Nikki Fernandez, who was never on Oceanic 815. No other muses are affected by this prompt.

“I don’t understand how you can do something so disgusting!”

“What?” he protested with a mouthful of Twinkie before thinking enough to finish chewing and swallowing as a means of being a little less disgusting. “Don’t ya know they don’t go bad?”

“Yes, they do! That’s gross! You have no idea how long they’ve been in that cupboard!”

“And I don’t see an expiration date on the dam box, d’you?” he protested with a scowl, shoving the rest of the snack cake into his mouth as he wrote off her disgust as just another piece of the feminine mystique he had no interest in understanding and every likelihood of misinterpreting at some later date.

Cleaning House...Collapse )

Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 550

location: Los Angeles, CA
Current Mood: anxious anxious
James "Sawyer" Ford
[TM] 256 - What do you hope for?

One more day.

It’s all I’ve ever hoped for, and until I suck down my last lungful of air? Probably gonna be the only damn thing I ever hope for. I once heard someone say that every day above ground is a good day, and that’s a notion makes sense to me. After all, if the bible thumpers are all full of shit, this is all we got, right?

I ain’t a religious man, just a practical one, and near as I can figure? A mess like the world we live in can’t all just be a big accident. Takes brains and a lot of fuckin’ thought to screw up something this royally.

I’m nowhere if I don’t got a bargaining chip to play with, and the days are my chips. Each one I can get through, every second I manage to beat the odds and survive long enough to see the sun set…that’s another middle finger in the faces of whatever Powers that Be that’re lookin’ over my damn shoulder and laughing.

I don’t hope for much…I know that at the end of the day, I ain’t worth enough to warrant a whole hell of a lot.

All I ever hope for is the only thing I know I can get my hands on: one more sunrise, one more sunset. Another day above ground.

That’s all I want out of life…just one more day.

Muse: James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom: LOST
Words: 235

Current Mood: calm calm
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