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Looking Through…

They’re here for me through thick and thin, through happiness and pain, through the laughter and the tears. I’ll most commonly refer to them as the “Ace Gang” throughout this blog, but at least you’ll get some idea of the beautiful girls behind the names. These are my best friends.

The Ace Gang



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June 6th, 2006 @ 9:22pm
So, on a whim today I switched accounts. Well, not a whim really- but I feel I need a new screen name that reflects who I’m becoming. This account is so old, so many memories linger here far past their time. I figure this new account will bring new inspiration to post- and if you’d like to add me, please do so. I love you all dearly.


If not, I will see you around, and wish you many blessings. <3


Rantage. {3/3} [
May 21st, 2006 @ 1:56pm
[ mood | angry ]

And now, to rant.

The news this week in every paper, on every television channel, and broadcasted through world-wide radio stations daily has been as such: Paul McCartney and second wife of four years, Heather Mills, are separating. The announcement of the breakup of their marriage has seemingly set everyone on a rampage of sorts, and as a true-to-heart, adoring, full-fledged Beatle fan…I just wish it would stop.

Because, the way I see it, not only is it no one’s business as to what is going on, relationship wise, in Paul’s life- many people are taking the time to write articles about McCartney that are cruel, vile, and down right rude; and its absolutely pathetic. I’m so sick of reading articles about his lack of talent, his insatiability for money, and his selfish nature. Damn sick and tired of it.

For example, the Toronto Star reads as follows:

“But it only means more bad news for McCartney, whose entire career has spiraled downward, at least publicity-wise, since the Beatles break-up in 1969…He wasn’t John. He wasn’t funny. He was cute, sure. But cute stopped cutting it way back. He was a control freak. Worse, he was a vegetarian who was secretly money hungry, going so far to sue his former mates in 1970 so he could part ways with Apple Corps. He wasn’t even trying to save the world (a Lennon specialty). Bad Paul. Selfish Paul. This is only the beginning.”

“McCartney’s credentials as a rocker hit rock bottom when he let his first wife, Linda, play in Wings in the early ‘70s, a sign of weakness if ever there was one. Worse, his songwriting skills seem to go into sharp decline.”

“What has he done recently- other than show up at every feel good benefit in the book and sing the same tired old songs, again and again and again?”

Article after article is repetitive, mind-numbing, and boggling. A few actually made me rather furious, I’ll admit. Paul wasn’t John, I’ll give you that- in fact, that’s why most Beatle fans are fans, because the Beatles were four very distinct guys who came together and made very beautiful music. And yet, I love all of them. Paul wasn’t John, and John wasn’t Paul. At least that’s a fact- but why does this matter? Especially now? I think he was funny, I don’t think he was an absolute control freak, and as far as money hungry goes- why the hell did you write the article in the first place? Please, oh saint of all saints, tell me it was just to benefit the world. Hypocrites make me sick.

And so, I guess in all, I just needed to get that off my back. I’m with Paul through all of this, think that it was mildly ill-thought that there was no pre-nuptial; but it was a sign that he loved her enough to trust her regardless, and hope that everything settles to perfection- that Paul and Heather do what is right for baby Beatrice.

But really, when one of these damned journalists gets a back bone and writes something worth my time, the world will be a much better place.


F.O is the new trend, and everybody's in style. [
May 13th, 2006 @ 10:59pm
[ mood | optimistic ]


That’s right, loves, just like three-quarters of the journals around this place nowadays- I’m friends only. It’s not, however, to protect myself from who is coming in, but to from what is going out. I want to know who is reading what. I’m a very loving person though, so comment, spread the peace, and I’ll add you for sure.


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