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104 multifandom icons + wallpapers

New icon batch + a wallpaper about the parallelism between Max&Liz (roswell) and Edward&Bella (Twilight) have you ever noticed how similar these couples are? no?
Look at this thread in order to understand what i'm talking about--> roswell+twilight parallel (you have to be join in the community in order to see it)
Maybe this is the reason of why i loved B&E from the start, it seems that all the couples i ship can always something in common.

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- enjoy!

///// 01-15 : Breakfast at Tiffany's
///// 16-34: Twilight
///// 35-40: Roswell+Twilight parallel
///// 41-94: Roswell
///// 95: Jason and Shiri fan of the hat
///// 96-104: animated icons
+ multi res 2 versions wallpaper Roswell+Twilight parallel


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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

Corean Love: Jin&Sun wallpaper (Lost )

Watching the tv show Lost I feel in love with the corean couple: Jin&Sun *___*
Their love is unique and deep *__*
So I made this wallpaper for a challenge about them, hope you like it ^^

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