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Hello world! :D

I'm bored to death. I can't believe it... till the first days of September it was so hot there (and i went to the beach) and now it's so cold.
I feel that i will already get my first flu... no wonder why. _-_

Here my recent batch of icons and wallpapers.. i told you, i'm bored and i feel so bitchy right now =_= it seems that my muse went away again...
anyway... i have a new addiction: quotewalls!
Quote walls or text walls are wallpapers where the subject isn't the image of people from tv-shows, movies etc etc but the text itself. The text is the star of the wall.
So i made some quote walls with some of my fav Max&Liz quotes and one about my fav quote from the movie/book "Pride&Prejudice"
I have to say that i cheated a bit xD because i still used some images even if they're more hidden compared to the text.. they're used like a texture. Anyway i hope that you like them.

I also made 3 wallpapers about my fav couple from Lost: Desmond&Penny (my fav couples are Jin&Sun, Desmond&Penny and then i also liked Juliet&Jack but... i won't tell you why i use the past for them. )

- my icons and arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them
- please do not use my fanarts for your site without asking me.
- Textless icons are not bases, do not modify them.
- no xanga, only livejournals and forums
- comments/credits are love
- enjoy!

Wallpapers: x3 Desmond&Penny (season 4 finale)
Quotewalls: 01-06 Roswell (Max&Liz) / 07 Pride&Prejudice
Animated Icons: 01-12 Roswell (Max/Liz)
Icons 13- 47: Roswell (Max/Liz), Jason&Shiri
Icons 56-64: Lost (season 4)
Animated userinfo banners: 6 Max/Liz from "Sexual Healing"


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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

Corean Love: Jin&Sun wallpaper (Lost )

Watching the tv show Lost I feel in love with the corean couple: Jin&Sun *___*
Their love is unique and deep *__*
So I made this wallpaper for a challenge about them, hope you like it ^^

- Respect me. Don't steal/modify/cut etc etc my fanarts Please! I hate it.
- I love comments
- Don't hotlink please!