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Roswell - Samuel Rising M&L Picspam + screencaps

Hi all!
Since we're in the xmas time i thought that i could post some xmas lovin with this picspam. I chose one of my fav roswell episodes: Samuel Rising
Both the two xmas episodes of roswell are very metaphorical for this reason i love them. In "a roswell Xmas Carol" there was Max's dilemma about his healing power and God while in Samuel Rising we can find more than a message.

I made this picspam using screencaps that i made on my own from the original DVDs. Since they're HQ i will share them with you.

- Samuel Rising Max&Liz Picspam + 255 HQ screencaps -
- [2] Samuel Rising Max&Liz memory cards
!!!!!!!!please NO direct link of this picspam!!!!!!!!
if you want you can use some of these images as userinfo banners but credit me as the maker

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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

ml pic spam + hq caps

Photobucket  (he's Max XD )
I was bored so I made some screencaps of this dreamer scene because i wanted an icon with her kissing his neck/ear
but i ended up with almost 600 caps xD

so i made this little picspam about my sweet&sexy couple. I adore this scene, it's sweet, tender, sexy and funny (damn parents xD)
and Jason&Shiri are simply perfect.. so natural and spontaneous with each other

just only one word: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  *__* xD
if you're interested for some caps of the scene i made i zip file with the ones i did. Follow the cut for 52 HQ screencaps

anti-M&L are not welcomed.

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Lovey-dovey? YES! They're two people deeply in love with each other that enjoy their time together when they can.  you know what? in the other episodes Liz was sick and then Max DIED and then she brought him back to life. Michael was crazy the episode later (because of the seal maybe) and then they helped a father and her daughter. So, the deserved this moment very very much especially since Max will be sad again, later, for his son.
They knew what meant to be separated, their relationship was never simple, easy or always happy.  They understood that every moment is a real treasure. Also, they're so cute and spontaneous *___*

who says that they're cheesy is just envy because wanted him/her to be like that with another person or because what they love was never like that. Or maybe they just don't have a heart.