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Roswell High, the original story; wallpaper

These days i've finally read all the original books of roswell written by Melinda Metz *_*
And.. i made a wallpaper about the original M&L because i really couldn't help it *____________*


- my fan arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them. personal use only
- please do not use my fanarts for your site without asking me.
- credit me if you use my headers
- comments are love ?????
- enjoy!

click on the cut for the original sizes + more info about the books

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The quotes used in the wall are from The Watcher and The Stonewaway
In "The Salvation" they make real what they said into those scenes
I will put both the quotes for you

!!SPOILERS for Roswell High Books

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Let me know if you'd like more of their quotes and the digital copies of the books ;) I could make another post with them.