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100 multifandom icons + 8 animations

New icon batch and animations!
I made some dreamer/roswell (like always :D ), time traveler's wife (can't wait for the movie!), Shiri Appleby's recent pics (God this woman is the cutest woman alive. Her smile *__* she's soo sweet)
In these last months i watched the fifth season of lost (so i made some icons about it too) and i honestly don't know what to think about it. Overall i'm not crazy about this last season. It seems to me that the season started good but ended so badly. Some of the storylines introduced are really ridiculous. The last episodes were disappointing especially for me because i'm a Sawyer's fan and i don't like what they had done to his character...
I have no idea about what they will do in the last season because right now it seems to me that the writers created a real mess. I don't know how they will be able to answer to all the questions and created a good ending. It's frustracting for me. eta: I have to say that my fav part of the season is the plot twist about Miles and his daddy <3 <3 <3 Seriously, when i watched the scene that i used for some icons i had tears in my eyes. That's the sweetest scene ever.

EDIT 08/22: DAMN photobucket! damn them. they re-saved my icons in bad quality. ALL of them! i uploaded the ones from this batch again

/////////////  01-24: (movie) The Time Traveler's wife
/////////////  25-48: Lost, season five
/////////////  49-52: Shiri Appleby
/////////////  53-100: Roswell (Max&Liz centered but also group and Alex&Isabel)
+ 8 M&L animations

PIMP: All Dreamer kisses picspam

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icons, quotewalls, wallpapers, animations..

Hello world! :D

I'm bored to death. I can't believe it... till the first days of September it was so hot there (and i went to the beach) and now it's so cold.
I feel that i will already get my first flu... no wonder why. _-_

Here my recent batch of icons and wallpapers.. i told you, i'm bored and i feel so bitchy right now =_= it seems that my muse went away again...
anyway... i have a new addiction: quotewalls!
Quote walls or text walls are wallpapers where the subject isn't the image of people from tv-shows, movies etc etc but the text itself. The text is the star of the wall.
So i made some quote walls with some of my fav Max&Liz quotes and one about my fav quote from the movie/book "Pride&Prejudice"
I have to say that i cheated a bit xD because i still used some images even if they're more hidden compared to the text.. they're used like a texture. Anyway i hope that you like them.

I also made 3 wallpapers about my fav couple from Lost: Desmond&Penny (my fav couples are Jin&Sun, Desmond&Penny and then i also liked Juliet&Jack but... i won't tell you why i use the past for them. )

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Wallpapers: x3 Desmond&Penny (season 4 finale)
Quotewalls: 01-06 Roswell (Max&Liz) / 07 Pride&Prejudice
Animated Icons: 01-12 Roswell (Max/Liz)
Icons 13- 47: Roswell (Max/Liz), Jason&Shiri
Icons 56-64: Lost (season 4)
Animated userinfo banners: 6 Max/Liz from "Sexual Healing"


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100 multi fandom icons

Icons icons icons icons xD
Here my recent icon batch (truth is that some of them are "old" but i never posted them :P)

I'm not really satisfied by all of them.. i don't know why but since i have e my new laptop it seems that i don't find my muse

01-10: Lost (Sawyer, Charlie&Claire, Claire)
11-15: The Time Traveler's wife stills
16-20: Shiri Appleby (Jason Behr)
21-27: Roswell ( general)
28-89: Roswell - Max&Liz centered
90-100: Animated Dreamer icons

- my icons and arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them and so on
- no xanga, only livejournals and forums
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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

Corean Love: Jin&Sun wallpaper (Lost )

Watching the tv show Lost I feel in love with the corean couple: Jin&Sun *___*
Their love is unique and deep *__*
So I made this wallpaper for a challenge about them, hope you like it ^^

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