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Text icons, B&E and M&L

These days i finally read the second book of the Twilight saga, i'm talking about New Moon.
I liked it very much, i thought (seeing some opinions about Bella after this books) that i would have disliked some things but it didn't happen. I don't know how i feel about Jacob... i liked him more when he was "normal" because how things ended is such a cliché =_=
I missed Edward, soo much!
He's amazing *___* gotta love the vampire :P
and i love his cold irony, sometimes when i read some things he said i couldn't help but lauching XD
Now i hope that i will get the chance to read "eclipse" soon, in Italy we should get it these days *prayer*

anyway, here some text icons about New Moon ;)
I also made some text icons from Roswell

i used the tulip for Bella&Edward (official cover) and a white rose for M&L (it's their symbol) (obviously i couldn't use all their quotes)

001-038 - Twilight Saga by Stephenie Mejer - New Moon
039-063 - Roswell (Max&Liz centered quotes)

- do not hotlink!!
- my icons and arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them and so on
- no xanga, only livejournals and forums
- comments/credits are love ^^
- enjoy!


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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

31 Twilight icons.. love and vampires

I've read the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and i fell in love with Edward&Bella *____* they're so cute.
It's a beautiful book about love... and vampires. Really simple but well written ;)
Edward Cullen is.. OMFG! It isn't possible to find a man like him.. it's human impossible!
He's.. too perfect, too beautiful.. too amazing. *______*
They want to make a movie about this book and guys i really don't know how they can choice an actor for Edward.
He's beautiful, REALLY beautiful.. too beautiful. Where can you find a man so beautiful that can act to? _-_

anyway.. here the batch ^^ they're all very simple ^^

- Twilight by Stephenie Meyer  [31 icons, text icons]


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