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Wallpaper, Max&Liz - Max to the Max / fanlisting

I made a new Dreamer wallpaper,
this time i chose the episode "Max to the Max" .
I love this scene, it's sad but beautiful. This is one of the many times where Max sacrificed himself in order to protect/save her :( This scene touches my heart... i love how they try to touch each other with the glass between them. I love how he went crazy in order to save her and all he cared was to get her away from Nacedo and Pierce... he didn't think about himself and in the end FBI trapped and took him to the white room.. and when Liz realize it she's devastated ç_ç

Max and Liz - Max to the Max


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Just a little OT: I shouldn't do it because i don't like to 'advertise' myself XD.... anyway I don't know if you ever saw it but a sweet amazing webmistress named Eris created a fanlisting for me as a webmistress and a fanartist *blush*. The name of my fanlist was "Oneiric" and i had the link into my siderbar.
Now Eris has some personal problems and she made the decision to close all her web sites :(
What i didn't know is that Iaia (iaiav  ) re-opened a new fanlisting for me O____O She just told me about. It's a whole new fanlist.. i'm speachless *___*
Do i really reserve a fanlist? XD I always thought that i don't deserve one because there're many people more talented than me.. not to mention how my sites are on hiatus since.. a year! _-_ This journal is the only "site" i really update right now XD but still, it's such a sweet idea! *blush* And it's funny :D fanlistings about real life "normal" people are cute (i joined into many of them
So thank you Eris for my first fanlist ever *hug* and thank you Iaia (iaiav  ) for opening it again :*******

(i still find the "Coccy Fan" hilarious XD)
Isn't it beautiful? *________________________*
She used Shiri, Jason and Max&Liz *_____* wubbbbbbbbbbb (it's a given.... XD)

Ps: what's wrong with LJ? Lj cut doesn't work with rich text to html since months and now the small custom icons of the lj user are cut =_=
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97 Icons, headers, userbanners (Shiri+roswell)

New icon batch ^^
I wanted to make a whole batch about Shiri Appleby (and i never really made one O_O) because she's so damn gorgeous *__________* Plus i post 2 wallpapers, headers, userbanners and some roswell icons i made this month

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- enjoy!

01-72 - Shiri Appleby
73 - 79 - Jason Behr from Skinwalkers
80 - 97 - Roswell (+animated)
+ 2 headers (Shiri Appleby)
+ 3 userbanners (Shiri Appleby)


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Corean Love: Jin&Sun wallpaper (Lost )

Watching the tv show Lost I feel in love with the corean couple: Jin&Sun *___*
Their love is unique and deep *__*
So I made this wallpaper for a challenge about them, hope you like it ^^

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Dreamer collages

Posted also on dreameridolatry
Some of my recent Max and Liz collages/wallpapers
There're 5 fanarts:

- Max and Liz's story Collage
- Valentine Air collage
- Modern Romeo and Juliet against the world
- Die for love
- Max Evans the sad king
- Venus in front of me


( Something about Venus being in the morning sky..... I thought she was right in front of me )