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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}


refer to http://users.livejournal.com/_coccy_/33431.html (summary: evil photobucket  ruined all my arts and icons by converting them into a low quality version -_- )

Just letting you know that i've updated most of my icons and fanarts here especially the most recent ones. I still have to re-upload some posts about Jason, twilight and the very old dreamer ones.
I changed  hosting so there's nothing i can do for the teasers in the community but the arts here are original quality ;)

oh.. yes photobucket sucks!
don't. trust. that. damn. site.

ps: any suggestion about a new free image hosting similar to PB is welcome :(
For now i can suggest you http://www.imgboot.com (i always use it for big images, animations and picspams) no limits. But you can't create many galleries.

ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

Get up bitch!!

I was browsing at youtube and i found this clip XD
I watch it when I'm angry or stressed.

link--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBZ-vRplNuE

Gotta love especially the second blast :D go Liz you rock! You did just what most of roswell fans (and its characters XD) wanted to do! Thank you!
Now, Can you blast someone for me too? Do you accept some commissions? XD
That scene is funny cuz she was so happy before entering at Michael's and then she became so mad XD and i love how Michael said "welcome back" with that smirk on his face. It was like if he was saying "Thank God! At least someone blasted you!"
Poor her, they all did a "sweet" welcome. Max didn't heal her and he was the first one that wanted to blast/kill her. Michael wanted to blast her too. Liz actually blasted her twice and Kyle asked them why they didn't kill her. A very "sweet" welcome. What she deserved for all she did.
She's such a bitch.

( !My Rant @ Anti_Tess Community. Sweet Robin Hoods of Bad Characters, isn't this "trend" a bit too old now? )
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