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tumblr.. useful.. not

So i made a tumblr page ages ago but i totally forgot about it...
I noticed two things about that site:
1) when i search "roswell" i find a lot of my userinfo/picspams being posted by other people without credit
as long as people don't direct link to my hosting i'm not annoyed by it still .. it's messy....... i also recognize the picspams made by the others
2) i don't completely understand how that site works. xD it seems messy to me.. i just don't get it :/

anyway here my page


ps: anxious mood because of the finale of LOST.
ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

In loving memory...

In memory of family and friends
who have lost the battle with cancer;
and in support of the ones
who continue to conquer it!


Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.
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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}


A community for those dissatisfied with the new LJ profiles.

Please join this community. Even if you like the way the profiles currently are, please join and support those who are upset. This is about more than how profiles look: it's about the lack of respect LJ has been showing its users by not respecting their opinions and listening to their complaints. We just want to be heard, acknowledged, and have our thoughts taken seriously.

Seriously the new profile page is so ugly and impersonal. I really don't like it :(
i like how the friends and communities are now better divided but the top part of the new profile page is horrible with so much space that wasn't needed. I hate how the biography section looks, i hate the dividers.. there was no need to put them especially not like that. I bet that on larger resolutions it's even worse. (mine is 1280 wide)

ps: look at my new mood theme, isn't it damn pretty? *___* weronikasawyer made it

eta 11/15: talking about profiles.. i changed my profile layout! :D
i had too many things and i wanted the colors to be similar to this layout
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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

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Big News for dreameridolatry
finally Gloria (antar82) and I, decided to make our community open for free membership ^^
Firstly, there isn't another community about M&L anymore, so we think that other people would like to post there especially since other people asked us when we opened the community. So, if you're a Max and Liz fan, come and join us!
But firstly, please read the rules
^^' they're simple

We hope that it will become a good dreamer archive
Feel free to pimp this community if you like it ^^

Also you can notice that we changed the layout ^^ we hope that you like it.

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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

Dreamer Idolatry ^^

Hi all!
I want to pimp a community that I opened with my dear friend (my open door xD) antar82 !!
We're very obsessed about Max and Liz from roswell *__* so... we opened a lj artistic community ONLY about this amazing unique couple *______*
We will post all the kind of arts they inspire us: lj icons, fanarts, blends, wallpapers, wallscrolls...
Also we will post some fanfictions especially fanficion recs
Hope that all the dreamers will enjoy our idea ^^

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