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new layout!

Summer is over and i wanted to change my layout but i didn't know how to make it and how i wanted the new header.
But finally i changed my layout!

_coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_

like it?
i like the idea of "love manifesto" (in italian "amore manifestato" is a more cute double meaning ) I saw the effect of the street with the posters and i got the inspiration for a new header like that. Look closer ;) You will notice something weird here xD don't worry you're not blind! the header change one of the "posters" everytime you refresh/open this page. (i know i know i'm crazy)
Now i need to get used to this pinky layout xD
But i have a little problem with the comments. I can't see the link "expand" for the hidden comments.. whyyyy???? :( i want it back!! (it's for pay users only now)
Tell me if some things look weird (like invisible fonts on some browsers etc etc)


past layout

version 5 - Chant down babylon


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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

New Layout!

New layout for me _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_ _coccy_

Do you like it? i know i know... always the "Dreamer Angel" here XD
I wanted a change and when i saw the premade-base layout made by passing_girl i couldn't resist *___* the colors were so full of energy and i wanted a header like that too.

So, thanks to:
  • passing_girl for the layout
  • minty_peach for the tiny icons i used for the "current" things of lj
  • thank myself for the dreamer header XD

The header..... i used 2 caps from the episode "Chant down babylon". Max was dead, Clayton took his body and their souls shared it but Clayton was stronger. Suddenly he got flashes from Max, flashes about his moments with Liz, and he understood that Max was still inside that body and his soul was still alive because he wanted Liz. So i chose the caps where Clayton is looking at himself/Max in the mirror and he says:
"I know you're in there, Max. I know you are. You want something, don't you? What is it you want? [He sees a flash of Liz looking at him in the episode "Blind date"...] Liz."

That scene always send shivers down my spine... that's so touching. I love that episode, i love Max and i love their deep transcendent love.
I also put that cap with their tiny pics because i thought that they fit with the "memories" thing.

I know, maybe only a dreamer can understand this header xD :P

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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

New layout! :D

New Layout _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_  _coccy_ 
Like it?
I recently made a whole icon batch about Shiri with the Nicole Maddox and Jason Frank Rothenberg photoshots (i will post the batch later). Since i made a wallpaper with this pic by Jason Frank Rothenberg i couldn't help it, i made an header too i wanted a layout with this pic *___* so voilà, here my new layout.
Isn't she gorgeous? *__* i love this woman

update: Jyly 28, Now i have a new profile layout too!!!! *_______*

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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

New layout!

New layout!! ^___^
I wanted to change it and when i saw Shiri's new portraits i wanted a new layout with them.. so much. Isn't she beautiful? I love this woman *.*
She's so feminine with her sweetness and natural beauty and sensuality.
I just love her *.*
The image quality wasn't so good so i couldn't use them so much. Anyway i like the result :P

I hope you like the this new look ^^
Image credit to: Nicole Maddox (2)

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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

New Layout and Dreamer Icons!

New layout _coccy__coccy__coccy__coccy__coccy_
like it? :D

ok.... I' know ... i know.. I'm not so original..^^""" now I'm obsessed with these 2 caps from 'the morning after'.
I made an icon that i love for the maxnliz_stills and the icon inspired me for this header. LOL. I just wanted an header too with these pics :P
They're soooo damn cute especially Liz  *inlove*
It's the first time that i make a blend totally like an icon O_o
It's a rarity! In general i'm hopeless when i try to make a blend like an icon _-_ Cuz  some coloring are different from a tiny pic 100x100 to a bigger blend.

Also I have a new Max/Liz batch and some awards that i won for some of these icons.
Roswell: Max and Liz (15 icons)


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