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97 Icons, headers, userbanners (Shiri+roswell)

New icon batch ^^
I wanted to make a whole batch about Shiri Appleby (and i never really made one O_O) because she's so damn gorgeous *__________* Plus i post 2 wallpapers, headers, userbanners and some roswell icons i made this month

- do not hotlink!!
- my icons and arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them and so on
- no xanga, only livejournals and forums
- comments/credits are love ^^
- enjoy!

01-72 - Shiri Appleby
73 - 79 - Jason Behr from Skinwalkers
80 - 97 - Roswell (+animated)
+ 2 headers (Shiri Appleby)
+ 3 userbanners (Shiri Appleby)


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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

New Layout and Dreamer Icons!

New layout _coccy__coccy__coccy__coccy__coccy_
like it? :D

ok.... I' know ... i know.. I'm not so original..^^""" now I'm obsessed with these 2 caps from 'the morning after'.
I made an icon that i love for the maxnliz_stills and the icon inspired me for this header. LOL. I just wanted an header too with these pics :P
They're soooo damn cute especially Liz  *inlove*
It's the first time that i make a blend totally like an icon O_o
It's a rarity! In general i'm hopeless when i try to make a blend like an icon _-_ Cuz  some coloring are different from a tiny pic 100x100 to a bigger blend.

Also I have a new Max/Liz batch and some awards that i won for some of these icons.
Roswell: Max and Liz (15 icons)


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ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

Finally A true lj post :D

Hi all, this is my very first livejournal post ^^ My english is not soo good ^^" So,  I will use this journal mainly for my current obsession: icons and fanarts *__*
Firstly I have to put 2 awards that I won in february:

At </a>maxnliz_stills:

(Click to see the original size)

And another one at </a>ros_awards (thanks to </a>monkeysmooch that nom me ^^)

Sexual Healing: Couples and 'Ship Icons

I'm so proud *blush*

In the next post I will try to put some of my icons. Bye
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