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Jason Behr on Skinwalkers!

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I just watched the teaser of Skinwalkers one of the movies where Jason Behr is the main character.... and OMG!!!!!!!!


He's so fucking HOT!.. I'm speechless. *thud*
Varek is so meannnn O_O it's strange to see Jason like that. He's intriguing.. sinister.. the character you want to die for.
I love this man, he can be the sweet and the bad guy too.. he's an amazing actor.
anyway I made 5 icons from the trailer ^^


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You can download the teaser here:
Skinwalkers - Teaser

and I made 22 caps about it that you can find here:
Skinwalkers - Teaser - Screencaps

thanks to JasonBehr.org

ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

Fool of Jason/Livien

Hi all!^^
I friend of mine got the dvd of Shooting Livien with Jason Behr.*__*
I saw some scenes and this man is great... he's an amazing actor.
I can't wait to see all the movie *__*

So I made these icons about John Livien, Jason's character
It's a complicated character, very intriguing

I played a little with colours.. but I like more the B/W batch :P
Special thanks to iam_lizardqueen and her curves tutorial ;)
I've always used curves by myself but her tutorial help me a lot ^^
Also thanks to Mara for posting the caps in our italian forum *hug* love youuuu

Jason Behr - John Livien [14 icons]

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