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37 avatar icons + animations

So Saturday i went to the theater and i finally watched James Cameron's movie "Avatar"
It was the first 3D movie that i watched so i felt like a kid enjoying a new toy! :D
Watching it in 3D is an amazing experience.. it feels like you're really there... all the colors.. the people.. the feelings and the metaphors.. i really liked it *__*
Obviously i LOVED Jake and Neytiri. What i can say? xD i'm a sucker for alien+human relationships it seems :P
I think they're a great metaphor of how love goes beyond everything... you know it's very real even in our world where you don't have real "aliens" but you still have people of different cultures and races that they can love each other regardless their differences and it's kinda amazing.
My favorite scene in the movie is the one where Neytiri saves Jake while he's human and not his avatar. Compared to her he's little and vulnerable. ..but their connection is still there and they love each other regardless the physical appearance.. they're still Jake&Neytiri.. you feel that nothing changes. It's such a tender scene <3
Anyway you can find many metaphors in this movie.. i like na'vi "relationship" with nature, with their planet and every creature that lives there. It's really fascinating.

So i made a small icon batch.
Now...this movie has amazing yet terrible colors when you want to make some fanarts about it especially if  you have, like me, very crappy caps to work with >_<  
I tried my best.. i'm not 100% satisfied with the result but i wanted some icons with these scenes and it seems that no one is making icons about this movie :( *me sad*  i know that there's a lot of blue and bright colors here but it's avatar ^^" those people are literally blue and i didn't want to remove the blue too much because it wouldn't make sense
Blue/violet is a risky color because different LCD monitors will display it differently and i can't control it. Anyway i hope that you like them.
ps: Black and white versions are made to... relax my eyes after all the blue LOL

///////////////////// Avatar (2009) icons (x37)  + animations (x4)

- do not hotlink!!
- my icons and arts even textless aren't bases, don't steal/modify them
- comments/credits are love <3
- enjoy!











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