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New Icons; lux, roswell and amelie

New icon batch ^^ I'm back (? maybe)
Some of these icons are kinda "old" but i didn't have the time to post them before now..
As you can see through the icons that i made i'm watching the new series with Shiri Appleby: life unexpected. I love this show! It's very cute i hope that it will get renewed. I started to watch it just because Shiri is one of the main characters but the show surprised me and i really like it. Shiri is beautiful and i love her new character. Cate is nothing like Liz  and this is great, i like watching Shiri playing different characters. Don't ask me about the shippers please xD I ship the triangle! This means that for now i love both Cate/Ryan and Baze/Cate. They both have potential and i love it, i like shipping both of them i don't want to really ship one of them hardcore. I'm also watching the last season of lost (no icons for now, maybe later when i get some good caps).

///////////// 01-08: Shiri Appleby
///////////// 09-39: Roswell
///////////// 40-42: Amelie (movie)
///////////// 43-72: life unexpected (+ behind the scenes from Shiri's FB)

shiri appleby>> roswell








roswell >> amelie;

amelie >> life unexpected (+ behind);








- do not hotlink!!
- my icons and arts even textless aren't bases, don't steal/modify them
- don't claim my arts as your own
- comments/credits are love <3
- enjoy!
Tags: icons:life unexpected, icons:liz parker, icons:max evans, icons:max&liz, icons:movies, icons:roswell, icons:shiri appleby

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