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Giovanni Allevi

Yesterday night i went to Giovanni Allevi's concert in my city (the theater San Carlo made his concert in the Plebiscito square here in Naples ) *______________________________*
God this pianist is amazing, i love his music... he makes me remember about the pianist in the movie "legend of 900" because he really  transforms feelings into music.
The concert was neither slow nor boring, before i realized it he was playing the last composition (but then he played 4-5 more songs for us because the people there liked him so much that they asked for more, a "bis".  :P )
I have to say that Giovanni is sooo cute because he's shy and sweet and ironical! Before playing a composition he firstly explained to us the meaning of it , when he composed it and why. He so funny! :D
I fell in love with him xD Seriously he's too sweet <3 <3 like a man from another historical time :D
i can't believe that he's 40 years old he seems soooo young.

Here some of my fav songs by him that he played yesterday

This one is my all the time favorite by him
it brings tears to my eyes:

Back to life

before playing this he said that he had composed it when he did realize that his fragility was his biggest strength... and when he realized it, it was like he had come back to life

other songs:
Come sei veramente - How you really are.

Go with the flow

L'Orologio Degli Dei - "The clock of the gods"

this is about the first moment of life when people are born
life, a clock ruled by the Gods


he told us that he had composed it the first time he experienced a panic attack after too much stress
so while he was taken to the hospital he imagined a sweet lullaby that could calm him
and he called it Panic :D

Aria - air

Prendimi - Take me

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