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Roswell promo "Voices" picspam

New small picspam made for picspammy

I always liked this trailer (well i loved all the trailers from the first season) it's fascinating, sexy and Jason is just too hot. (of course it's corny xD like all the promos about couples)

Unfortunately you can't find the promos of old tv-shows in HQ. The only version of this promo that i found is 321x240 pixel. Not the best image quality >_<
So.... i cheated a bit. Using Sony Vegas i tried to make the video's quality better and the video size bigger. This way the video is almost HQ. Almost xD I also added some curvers to it so the colors are more bright and less greyish

To tell you the truth.. i don't really like this picspam xD it's small and simple.. nothing like the other picspams i made. But i guess that if the caps are bad quality there isn't so much you can do about it... and i wanted to make it because i really like this promo.

- do not hotlink!!
- my icons and arts even textless aren't bases, don't steal/modify them
- don't claim my picspams as your own
- comments/credits are love <3
- you can use some of this pics as userinfo banners if you want as long as you credit me as the maker.
- enjoy!




Roswell - Season One WB promo; "Voices"

Liz: where are you from?
Max: I don't know...

Max: I can imagine how you must feel right now..
Liz: I'm just scared..
Max: ...Cause I'm just scared as you are.

(Liz)Whatever happens...(Max)we'll be together...



watch the promo

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