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Roswell - Samuel Rising M&L Picspam + screencaps

Hi all!
Since we're in the xmas time i thought that i could post some xmas lovin with this picspam. I chose one of my fav roswell episodes: Samuel Rising
Both the two xmas episodes of roswell are very metaphorical for this reason i love them. In "a roswell Xmas Carol" there was Max's dilemma about his healing power and God while in Samuel Rising we can find more than a message.

I made this picspam using screencaps that i made on my own from the original DVDs. Since they're HQ i will share them with you.

- Samuel Rising Max&Liz Picspam + 255 HQ screencaps -
- [2] Samuel Rising Max&Liz memory cards
!!!!!!!!please NO direct link of this picspam!!!!!!!!
if you want you can use some of these images as userinfo banners but credit me as the maker

255 HQ screencaps
size 1280x720 pixell
source: DVDs
file type: jpg
example: 1 x 2 x 3 x 4
Part 1 - the first scene at the CD (first picspam)
Part 2 - Samuel (picspam number 2 and 3)
Part 3 - Liz (picspam 4, 5, 6)
Part 4 - Helf Liz, trying to heal Samuel ( 7, 8, 9, 10)
Part 5 - Ice skating, you're my family (the end pics)

Samuel Rising Max and Liz Picspam
Warning: This post is very image heavy.

The story begins with Max, Liz and the rest of the gang hanging out at the Crashdown. Isabel is in full Christmas nazi mode as the determined organizer of Roswell's annual Christmas pageant thereby alienating everyone around her, including Jesse who has never seen this side of his wife's personality. Max is taken aback when a young boy approaches him and calls him Daddy. Max learns that the child (Samuel) is autistic and rarely speaks. Thinking that his son may be trying to communicate with him through the child Max sets out to become his friend.
Meanwhile, Max has entered Samuel's life with limited success. Liz tries to bring Max down to Earth by saying his interest in the boy might not be alien related after all. Still wanting to help Samuel, Max convinces Isabel to use her alien abilities so that Samuel's parents can visit his dreams. Max's plan works and Samuel and his parents are drawn closer together. Max thanks Liz for helping him see how off base he was about Samuel and tells her that for him, she is family.

LIZ: Hey. I love that you just walked in here.

LIZ: You're getting really involved in his life.
MAX: Liz, you were the one who said you would do anything to help me find my son. Well, right now, this is my only lead.
LIZ: I know, Max, but I just see you walking into the life of this child, you know, this special child. I don't want you to just get what you're looking for and then walk away.
MAX: Liz, trust me.
LIZ: I do trust you. Now let's go ice-skating, and we'll talk about this later.
MAX: Uh...
LIZ: What?
MAX: I told Rebecca that I would go over there this morning. Sorry.
LIZ: Right.
MAX: What about tonight?
LIZ: Uh, I can't, because I'm an indentured elf all through Christmas eve.
MAX: Sorry.
LIZ: It's ok. We'll do it some other time.

LIZ: So do you think that the father's right that what he said didn't mean anything?
MAX: I mean, he drew this ship. It must mean something.
LIZ: Max? He was just drawing the mural.
MAX: He wasn't trying to communicate with me. None of this means anything.
LIZ: So what are you gonna do, you just gonna walk away?
MAX: I don't know what else to do. I already hurt him once. I shouldn't even be in his life.
LIZ: Max, maybe there's some other reason that he reached out to you. He spoke to you. He obviously senses that you're different. Maybe he's trying to say something, and he's looking for help to say it.

MAX: shh! It's ok. I'm sorry. There's someone I've been looking for. Sort of like I think your mom and dad have been looking for you. But I was looking in the wrong place. And...I think that's why you got so upset before. Because I wasn't really coming to you for you. I was doing it for myself. And you're smart enough to know that, aren't you? But tonight, I am here for you. I want to help you say the things you need to say. Ok?

[Max puts his hands next to Samuel's head and uses his powers- the strain is hard on him- he is sweating and breathing hard as he finishes]
[Silent night plays]
MAX: Samuel? Samuel... Try to speak. It's ok to speak. It's ok to speak. Samuel? Samuel...
[Samuel doesn't speak]

LIZ: So what happened?
MAX: It didn't work. I couldn't heal him.
LIZ: Well, maybe he didn't need to be healed. You heal people who are sick or hurt.
But Samuel isn't sick or hurt. He's just different.
MAX: Maybe I was trying to heal the wrong person.
ISABEL: Max, why do you want me to do this?
MAX: I want Samuel's parents to know their son. Whoever he is in there.
[Isabel touches Samuel's picture and goes into his dream- he is looking at a tree with a fire truck under it- his parent's are watching- she touches their pictures and they are brought into the dream too, and see Samuel very happy- they smile as they watch themselves with their son]
SAMUEL'S FATHER: ok, now it's time for the angel.
SAMUEL'S MOTHER: Honey, let's put the angel on the top of the tree.
SAMUEL: I love you, mommy.
SAMUEL: I love you, daddy.
[Samuel's parents are crying with joy as Isabel looks on]
MAX: Did it work?
ISABEL: Yeah. Yeah, it worked.
MAX: What's it like in his mind?
ISABEL: It's beautiful.
[Christmas morning at Samuels- his parent's lift Samuel to put the angel on the tree, as in the dream- Max watches from outside- he smiles at Samuel, and puts a present on the wall]

MAX: must have been weird for you, seeing me with his family.
LIZ: A little.
MAX: It might make you worry about when I find my son. What that might mean for us.
LIZ: Should I worry?
MAX: No. I saw Samuel this morning with his family, and... It made me realize something-- that you, Liz... You're my family.

Xmas memory cards

aww *_*
I love Samuel, the kid is amazing and i have tears in my eyes everytime i watch the scene where Isabel went into his dreams.
I believe that into a way Max is Samuel because both of them are "different" and both of them can't speak to their parents the way they would love to do. :( They both have the fear that their parents can't accept them because they're different but both their parents love them but they simply can't understand them. At the same time to heal samuel is to heal himself (Max) because he's hurt, because he can't find his son and because things between him and his parents aren't the same anymore.
This is another example of how Liz is Max's sane voice. I love they way she stood by him but at the same time she gave him his own space, she gave him the chance to understand on his own what he was doing. I love when she said "Samuel isn't sick or hurt. He's just different." it's a methaphor of how there're many people in the world that are called "sick" but they're simply.. different, with a different way to think, a different way to show their feelings.. a different way to live.... if only people would understand that diversity is a precious thing and we should use it in order to learn more new things the world would be better.
The last scene is pure magic *___* "you're my family" is the world if the one who says it is Max
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