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Roswell High, the original story; wallpaper

These days i've finally read all the original books of roswell written by Melinda Metz *_*
And.. i made a wallpaper about the original M&L because i really couldn't help it *____________*


- my fan arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them. personal use only
- please do not use my fanarts for your site without asking me.
- credit me if you use my headers
- comments are love ?????
- enjoy!

click on the cut for the original sizes + more info about the books

Maybe some people still don't know it but roswell the television series is based on original novels written by Melinda Metz and Laura Burns
Katims read the first book and he fell in love with the story so he started to develop the idea to make a tv-show with them... and he did :D
The original story from the books and the television series are a bit like alternative universe because the stories are at the same time different and alike.
The writers of the television series changed many things but the story and the characters (all but Kyle and Jim Valenti) are pretty the same especially Max and Liz. Their love is the same.
Many things in the show are most likely a different interpretation of things happened in the books too.

Some of the different things are for example:
- in the books Max is blond with light blue eyes O_O while Liz is spanish/american. You easily forget about it. After all even Melinda Metz said that Jason behr is really and totally Max and she can't picture him like a blond guy anymore.
The characters are the same.
Maybe Liz in the books is more carefree and her desire to control her life is more justified than in the show.
In the original story Liz had a sister, Rosa, who died for overdose. This affected and hurt Liz very much so she wants to control her life in order to prove that she isn't like her sister. Especially to her parents who fear the same sake of Rosa for Liz too and they don't try to see how much Liz is different from her sister and they can trust her.
Into a way she wants to heal the memory of her sister and fight against what happened to her family.
I don't understand why in the show they removed this so important thing about Liz's story.

The couples are the same. M&L are the core of the original story, the pilot is identical so their connection and love.
Remember 'chant down babylon' in season 3 when Liz saved Max's life? it happened, into a different way, in the books too.
In both of them it's Max's love for Liz and Liz's love for him that saved Max and his soul stayed alive no matter what.
Just add more special effects :D
You will find M&M and A&I too. Alex and Isabel aren't really a couple (in the end) in the books too. But at least no evil bitch killed him! (my Alex, he's amazing in the books too. gotta love the guy so much)
Michael stayed in earth for Maria in the books too even if his romantic life is a bit more complicated in the books xD their characters are a bit different from the television series and they started their relationship as friends baby sitters of Maria's little brother

I can't really write all the things i noticed here because this post would be way too long xD
for more detailed info please check:

My opinion:
Overall i really liked the whole story. I miss some of the storylines in the show but i understand that some of them are not easy to make into a tv-show. Maybe a movie.
The books are written into a simple way and you can read them into a small time.
Obviously as a Dreamer i put my attention on Max and Liz and what i can say? I feel like a Dreamer² right now ?______________?
They're so sweet (and sexy!), so amazing. They're irresistible. Their love is the same + more special effects xD
I can picture Jason and Shiri doing the scenes so much
Their love is transcendent in the books too, in the last ones i fell totally in love with a scene *__________*
So much that it inspired me this fanart. I HAD to make it *_________*
now.. i need to explain a bit what this wall means.
What i wanted to represent is a scene from the last book where Liz saved Max and their souls and bodies joined together into an union of molecules.. they were like a star. It's not easy to explain you should read the books ^^"
Anyway i played with the filters and using one of their hugs (the one from "control") i tried to represent their embrace of souls and molecules. They're light, they're like a binary pair, a shining star in the universe. (guys, it's not just a metaphor! )
I also made a smaller fanart with a variation of the technique because i liked the drawing effect.

size of the wall 1280x800 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The quotes used in the wall are from The Watcher and The Stonewaway
In "The Salvation" they make real what they said into those scenes
I will put both the quotes for you

!!SPOILERS for Roswell High Books

- 4 The Watcher -

small summary of what is happening in the scene:
Max is sick. He got an alien thing called "akino" and he could die. The akino is basically the core of the last books.
In the previous books, just like in the show, Max tried to be "just friends" with Liz in order to protect her.
But then when he's sick she makes him understand that he can't control things and they have to live the moment.
This is the scene where it happens. The scene where Max finally got over the "just friends because i have to protect you from myself" thing.

"That's it. We've covered our assigned section." Liz turned the Jeep around and headed back toward town.

Max's eyes felt tired from the strain of staring out into the desert. He let them drift up to the stars. They were so bright, so close to the earth. He found the sight of them soothing somehow.

"A lot of them are part of binary pairs," Liz commented, catching him stargazing. "Even through a telescope they can still look like a single star. Things... they just seem to belong in twos," Liz continued.

He made an oh-interesting kind of noise, without turning toward her. He wasn't liking the way this conversation was going.

"What happened to you, it's made me think about the just-friends thing." Liz suddenly pulled the Jeep off into the desert and stopped.

"We need to get back," Max said. He lowered his gaze from the sky but still didn't look at Liz. If she tried to make him talk about how he felt about her, he would lose it. The bubble would get ripped away all at once, leaving him defenseless. Skinless.

"This is important," she insisted, getting that stubborn sound in her voice. "When you told me we had to be just friends, you said it was for my own protection."

"It was, it is," Max answered, without looking at her. "Getting too close to me can bring Valenti down on you -- you know that. And you know what he's capable of. He killed Nikolas right in front of us."

"I know," she told him. "That's not my point. My point is that you've been keeping us apart because you wanted me to be safe. But it's you who... who are in danger right now. Not from Valenti. Not from anything you even knew existed."

"But what does that have -- ," he began to protest, finally turning to face her, struck as always by how beautiful she was with her sleek hair, perfectly formed lips, and dark eyes.

"I'm trying to explain. Just listen," she said.

Just listen. As though that was nothing. As though her words weren't slicing through his heart.

"We don't know what is going to happen to either of us," she went on.
"You could get hit by a car before your akino even reaches its... conclusion. I could get leukemia or something. Neither of us knows how much time we have. I just want to know why you won't let us be together for whatever time we do have. Why, Max?"

Max tilted back his head and stared up at the stars. How could he answer that? How could he explain something that hardly made sense even to him anymore?

"I wonder which ones are pairs," he said, stalling.

"We are," she answered softly. "We shine with the same light."

He lowered his head and looked at her again. "You're right," he admitted. "But what if -- "

"Shhh." Liz unfastened her seat belt and leaned toward him until her lips were just a fraction away from his. He could feel their warmth across the tiny distance.

All he had to do was make one infinitesimal move. How could he turn away from her? Max closed the distance with the softest kiss. Everything about this moment felt fragile, as if one wrong breath could shatter it.
Then Liz wrapped her arms around him, squeezing onto the seat beside him, and he realized he was wrong. There was nothing fragile here. Liz was strong, and warm, and vitally alive.
He wanted to get closer to her, even closer. He slid his hands under her shirt and ran them up the smooth skin of her back. Liz twisted around, trying to bring more of her body in contact with his. She deepened their kiss, inviting his tongue into her mouth, stroking it with hers.
A low groan escaped from his throat.


- 6 The Stonewaway -

small summary of what is happening in the scene:
In order to not die for the Akino Max has to join the "collective consciousness" that is a link to his planet and the people living there.
Max discovered that he can "spread" his molecules everywhere and into this scene he tells Liz about it

"You disappeared?" Liz exclaimed. "You must have been terrified."

"Well, I didn't really disappear. I just became kind of see-through. I could see my heart, Liz," Max said.

Liz flashed him a look of horror.

"And guess what? My heart has your name on it," Max said, grinning. As Liz giggled, he slid his fingers through her thick, silky hair, then
leaned in for a kiss.

Maybe I should call and check up on the Adam situation. The thought barged into Max's head. He shoved it back out. He wasn't going to waste
his Liz time stressing about Adam. Michael and Isabel were with him, and he'd made Isabel swear to let him know if anything strange happened.

He returned all his attention to kissing Liz. Each kiss was a kind of miracle. He'd spent years dreaming about what it would feel like to touch Liz, torturing himself by imagining one perfect kiss over and over. Back then he'd been sure dreams were all he'd ever have. But he was wrong. Liz was right here, sitting next to him on the living-room sofa, her lips a breath away from his. He closed the distance and gave her bottom lip a playful nibble.

Liz pushed him away and shoved one of the big sofa pillows between them.
"You stay on your side," she ordered. "No more kissing until we finish talking about the collective consciousness. What do you think would have happened if you hadn't broken away when you did? Would your whole body have disappeared?"

"Disappeared is the wrong word to use. The molecules of my body had flown so far apart that it seemed like it was invisible," Max answered.

"When actually it was just scattered in a billion pieces?" Liz asked, her brows drawing together.

"Exactly. Once I realized what happened, I just focused my mind and squeezed the molecules back together. It was actually kind of cool." He grabbed the sofa pillow and tossed it across the room. "And that concludes the discussion of the collective consciousness." He looped his fingers around her turquoise necklace and gently pulled her toward him.

"Uh-uh." Liz grabbed another pillow and reformed the barricade. "Have you thought about the fact that if you'd stayed connected longer, the
molecules of your brain could have been separated from each other, too? Then what? How would you have had the capacity to realize anything? How would you have been able to focus and squeeze without a mind?"

"I hadn't thought of that," Max admitted. Count on Liz to zero in on the most important piece of information. "I bet it would feel amazing, though. I panicked when my memories started to dissolve into the consciousness. But for the three seconds before I freaked, it was... I can't even come up with the right words to describe it."

"Are you going to do it again?" Liz asked.

Was he going to do it again? He had to do it again. Now that he knew it was possible, he couldn't go through the rest of his life without ever allowing himself to experience being part of something monumental, a living entity of cosmic proportions.

Liz wrapped her arms around herself. "You are. I can see it in your face."

He didn't have to ask what she thought. Yellow tendrils of fear were spreading through her aura. A couple of crimson splotches of anger had sprouted, too.

"It's like I've discovered a whole new world, and I have to explore it. The only way I'll really be able to do that is by giving myself over to it, becoming it," Max said, struggling to express how he felt about the consciousness.

"Even if it means you won't ever come back to this world? To me?" Liz asked.

Her voice was steady, but he thought he glimpsed the sheen of unshed tears in her eyes. "That would never happen," he promised. "You're what would bring me back. Even if my molecules were spread out from here to whatever galaxy my home planet is in, that wouldn't stop me. All my molecules would be like little homing pigeons. They'd all zoom to you, and then I'd re-form."

"That's very romantic and all, but I don't think there's any scientific basis for your theory," Liz answered. But a few of the crimson splotches disappeared from her aura.

"Wait. I've got it," Max said. "I'll use Michael or Isabel as a spotter the next time. Then if I do disappear completely and have no way of squeezing myself back together, they can do it for me." He ran his hand across the pillow separating them. "Can I get rid of this now? My molecules are really missing your molecules."

Liz snatched up the pillow and tossed it over 'the back of the sofa. Max didn't need an engraved invitation. He slid his hands along the curve of her waist. He loved the feel of her. Could not get enough.

small summary of what is happening in the scene:
The collective Consciousness saved Max from the akino but at the same time it destroyed him so much that at one point he is trapped into his body and the collective Consciousness use him like a puppet. At one point he's like into a coma.
His friends are trying to destroy this link with the collective consciousness but Max could die so Liz tries to save him into her own way in order to protect him and make him finally free and wake up

- 10 The Salvation -

Liz stretched out on top of Max, pinning his body to the floor with hers so they wouldn't be sucked into the wormhole in the kitchen.
She stared down at his face through the whipping curtain of her long hair. His blue eyes were still empty. Nothing she'd tried had gotten even a flicker of response from him.

She pressed her lips down on his slack mouth, kissing him as deeply and passionately as she could. Again there was no response.
"Max, please. Come back to me," she begged. "I love you so much, I don't even have the words to explain it. No one has invented the words for the way I love you. It would have to be some kind of chemical formula that would take a million blackboards or something."

Liz kissed him again. Then her mouth slipped. Her chin hit the floor. So did her body. Max—Max had disappeared, his molecules disbursing so quickly, Liz hadn't even been aware of it happening.

"Max," she cried. "Oh, Max, no!" She lifted her head and stared around the room as if she'd find him leaning up against one of the walls, smiling at her in that way that only Max had ever smiled at her, the way he never smiled at anyone but her. "Max!" she shouted again.

And in her mind his voice answered. "Even if my molecules were spread out from here to whatever galaxy my home planet is in, that wouldn't stop me. All my molecules would be like little homing pigeons. They'd all zoom to you, and then I'd re-form."

It was the voice of memory, something Max had said to her in a conversation long ago. Liz had told him his theory was romantic, but not scientific.
"But maybe that's what the love formula would be," she whispered. "Maybe love is the strongest bond between molecules, not something like shared electrons." She stretched her arms out in front of her and put her head down again, forced to keep her body flat so she wouldn't be pulled toward the hole. If she could somehow split her own body into molecules, maybe each of them could find one of Max's and bond with it. Even if she never got her body back, she'd be with Max. There was nothing more important than that.

But she wasn't an alien. She had no powers. She couldn't break herself into molecules without help.
I've got to try, she decided. She remembered how Max had discovered he could scatter his molecules. He'd been connected to the consciousness, and the beings had been exploring his memories. He'd said he'd felt like he was dissolving, and then it happened—his body had began to disappear as the molecules flew apart.
Liz conjured up the first memory that came to her—Max healing her. She envisioned throwing the memory out into the universe, as far away from her body as she could get it. Then she remembered kissing Rosa's cool cheek as she lay in her coffin, the smell of her sister's too heavy mortuary makeup strong in Liz's nostrils. She threw that out, too.

She didn't hold back anything. She had no shame. No pride. No secrets. She flung out the memory of getting her period for the first time—standing in the shower and thinking for a minute that she had some horrible disease and that a doctor was going to have to look at her down there. She flung out the memory of lying to her mama about stealing a little toy truck from a toy store when she was four. She let go of every thought she'd had about Max, good and bad. Every fantasy she'd had about him, even the ones she could hardly believe had come out of her own mind.
Liz released the memory of Maria's kitten scratching her lip when Liz was using a piece of string to play with it. She released the raw fury at her papa that she was shocked to find still had a place in her heart.

Her body began to feel lighter. She didn't lift her head to see if anything was happening. She kept calling up the memories, then letting them go. Calling them up, letting them go. Feeling the power of gravity release her. Feeling her heart stop beating. Feeling her lungs stop taking in air.
And then blackness.
And then silvery light.

Liz didn't even know how she was seeing the light. For she had no eyes. No body. No way to sense anything. But somehow she was experiencing silvery light.
The light shattered into silvery splinters, and Liz realized they were stars. She was surrounded by them.
Maybe we're the binary pair we saw that night out in the desert. Liz didn't know how she heard the words, any more than she knew how she was the stars. But she knew the words were from Max.

The closest star expanded and took on a new shape. Max. A shining silver Max. He reached out and touched her face with his glittery fingers, and she realized she did have a body after all, or at least she did now—a body like his, more glow than substance.
She pulled him to her, embraced him, never wanting to let him go. For an instant their bodies became one blinding star, then separated into the glowing forms again.
We need to get back. The others might need us, Max communicated soundlessly.
Liz laughed, feeling the laughter but not hearing it. You're still Mr. Responsible. It's one—one of the many—things I love about you.
Yeah, I know, Max communicated. I know a lot of things now. We're going to have to . . . talk about those fantasies you've been having.
Max took her hand. He pointed at a small blue ball far below them. Earth. Then Liz felt her molecules dissolve again, dissolve and mix with Max's.

Let me know if you'd like more of their quotes and the digital copies of the books ;) I could make another post with them.
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