September 30th, 2009

Max {I'll spread all the stars for you}

60 mixed icons, dreamer animations and some userinfos

New mixed icons batch plus some animations and simple userinfo squares.
If you have the chance you should read the novel "Memoirs of a geisha" basically it became one of my fav books and the movie is just beautiful *___* <3 I made some icons about the movie too. I also made some icons about "Titanic" because i rewatched the movie and i was in the mood for some icons.

ps: Shiri Appleby posted at the fanforum! This girl is the sweetness *__* she created a facebook and twitter account and she's sooo cuteee

///////////// 01-24: Roswell/M&Lcentered
///////////// 25-32: Titanic movie
///////////// 33-56: Memoirs of a Geisha movie
///////////// 57-60: Marc Chagall (arts)

Userinfo banners:

  • animations (Max&Liz - season 3)
  • static userinfo squares: Max/Liz, Darcy/Elisabeth, Derek/Meredith, Noah/Allie


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