December 23rd, 2008

ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

xmas icons... it's like a tradiction!

it's like a tradition... i didn't want to make new xmas dreamer icons... not so many. But i ended up making them however xD
i have to post this batch before xmas is over xD

firstly, a small PIMP to my last M&L picspam+ screencaps from the episode "Samuel Rising"
-------------> follow me for the picspam and the HQ screencaps

i also suggest you my other Max&Liz xmas icons that i made in the past

[75] Roswell icons Xmas themed and general (mostly M&L, individuals); some animated
[4] animations from Samuel Rising

- do not hotlink!!
- my icons and arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them and so on
- no xanga, only livejournals and forums
- comments/credits are love <3
- enjoy!


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