October 3rd, 2007

ML {..strong…dangerous.. undeniable.}

75 icons + simpsons M&L XD

Okkkkkkkk..... i have tons of icons into my pc that i forgot about!!! :( oh my.... it's so confusing >_< i tried to upload the ones i remember that i didn't post but my pc is a mess of icons! XD
Anyway, here a new batch. Nothing special.. most of these icons are very simple and so... blah
The thing is that on my pc a certain coloring can be amazing but on another pc it can be ugly especially LCD ones that aren't configured well. I try to not think about it O_O
I also tried to experiment a little too....

oh.. and i'm addicted to the site www.simpsonizeme.com/ XD XD it's so funny!
I made myself XD but since i'm crazy i made M&L too XD it's a week that i'm simpsonizing everyone XD it's all Eli's fault (my friend) that gave me the url LOL

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i also made some that you will find below in the batch (**If you want to use one of these F word icons on fanforum you can find the censored versions here--> fanforum roswell )

- do not hotlink!!
- my icons and arts aren't bases, don't steal/modify them and so on
- no xanga, only livejournals and forums
- comments/credits are love ^^
- enjoy!

001-004 Shiri Appleby
005-028 Jason Behr (Dwar promo shots)
029-053 Roswell (Max&Liz centered) *
054-063 Roswell (Max&Liz centered) Comic style
064-068 Roswell (Max&Liz centered) Andy-Warhol style
069-075 Max and Liz Simpsonized :D

* 31-32 inspired by hybridmagic (you made me obsessed about that cap *____* )


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ps: how is possible that livejournal's staff didn't revolve the problem about lj cut when you use both rich text and html? >_