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google meme

snagged from clod_81 and antar82

1) Answer the questions and type into google image search

2) Post pictures from first results page

I uploaded them on imageshack because of the no directlink

1. Age at next birthday

2. Place you'd like to visit

sigh! ç__ç

3. Favorite Place

just the sea

4. Favorite Object

5. Favorite food

6. Favorite animal

awwwww *-*

7. Favorite color

i love both red and baby blue/light blue

8. Place you were born/ 9. Place where you live

10. Name of a past pet

i didn't have one :( only red pisces XD

11. Best friend's nickname

12. Your screen name/nickname

XD perfect

13. Your first name

the other pics with people were almost porno XD

14. Your middle name

don't have it

15. Your last name


16. A bad habit of yours

this should be lazy XD

17. Your first job

XD not a professionist, though

18. Your grandmother's name

19. Your college major

20. Favorite holiday

XD XD XD so mean XD

Tags: !fun, !meme

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