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Wallpaper, Max&Liz - experiment

You know, Photoshop is a great graphic program with tons of effects but usually we don't use them or we alway use the same. Personally one of the things i don't use so much are "filters". Because.... lets admit it, they're not so simple to use. Anyway, one of the things i like the most is the comic/painting effect *___*
So i wanted to try it using PS' filters.

Here the result of my experiment ^^
I also did a wallpaper using the image i created

*Original pic without the effect*

1024x768 wall

Comments are love ♥
_ do not put my fanarts on web sites without my permission
_ my fanarts are NOT bases. Don't steal them, do not modify them in order to create other things!


ps/OT= it's official: I'm obsessed with Romeo&Juliet by Riccardo Cocciante (the same of Notre Dame de Paris ;) ) *______________________* I saw it in July @ theater and now I even created a playlist with the clips i found on youtube---> *here*
I love the songs, i love the characters *____* "My" Mercutio is amazing (eh eh you know Mercutio is my fav character *___* finally a version where he's handsome and sexy! yay! XD)
Romeo&Juliet are sooo sweet ç_ç For the first time in ages Cocciante (after Zeffirelli) finally gave them their REAL image. I was sick of those "super super beautiful hollywood style" people that did R&J recently. They're not like that. They're young and innocent and they're "normal"
The song i'm listening now is from this scene it's their goodbye, the last time he saw her alive ç_ç they're so tender. anyway, i'm too obsessed =_= i can't wait for the DVD release.
Tags: !music, wallpapers, wallpapers:max&liz

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