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_closedcurtains's Journal

9 October
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amusement, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient rome, animals, argyle, art, astronomy, bats, beaches, being entertained while bored, being happy, being myself, beliefs, birds, bitching at posers, body art, body spray, books, boulevard of broken dreams, bowling for soup, breath, breathing, bubbles, bumper stickers, candles, cat eyes, cats, chapstick, cheese, chewing ice, childhood stuffed animals, christmas, christmas lights, colorful clouds, comfort, crafts, cranberry juice, daydreaming, doodling in notebooks, dragons, dreaming, dreams, early spring, emo, emotions, evanescence, expressing, eye liner, eyes, fairy tales, fall, fantasy, few memories, finding nemo, flames, fruit, getting mail, giving good advice, glitter, glow-in-the-dark stars, green, green day, gum, harry potter books, herbal tea, herbs, honesty, hopeless romantics, hugs not drugs, inside jokes, jewelry, jogging, johnny depp, journals, kittens, laughter, leaves, lemon-scented stuff, lightning, lip gloss, listening to silence, livejournals, mac&cheese, making people happy, making up stuff, meaningful conversations, money, monkeys, moons, moral principles, mountains, movies, multicolor roses, music, mythology, nailpolish, native culture, oral hygiene, peace, phone calls, photography, pictures, pillows, pink skies, plaid, plants, post-it notes, pterodactyls, purple, quietness, quilts, quotations, quotes, rain, rainbows, reading, reading lyrics, red, rings, rivers, savage garden, shooting stars, silliness, singing, ska, sleep, sleeping in, snakes, star gazing, stars, sublime, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, tennis, the ocean, thinking, thoughts, trapeze, unicorns, uniqueness, vampires, walking on cold days, walks, watching fake explosions, water, watermelon flavoring, watermelon scented stuff, winter