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__Pilot 02__

"What can I say? I'm gregarious."

Duo Maxwell
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Having aided--along with the other four Gundam Pilots--in the fight for peace until the end of the war, Duo focused his life on bringing death to those who stood on the opposing side. Now that there is no more battle for the self-proclaimed God of Death to rage in, Duo began earning a respectable living by co-owning and working at a salvaging lot specializing mostly in mechanical repair, along with Hilde; a comrade during the war, on the L2 colony.

An honest living doing something you're good at is all well and fine until the monotony of an uneventful routine sets in, and even though he's always been a survivor, being forced to adapt to something of stable living conditions is different type of challenge for the former 02 Pilot.


This is a character journal for not_unwounded, basically a whole lot of fan fiction in one concentrated place.