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A Man With Style...

...Is A Man Who Can Smile

Asher C. Talos
4 August
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[[mirror journal to xasherx]]

Character name: Asher Talos

Taken from: Blade: Trinity (Novel & Film)

Age: 539

Occupation: Second in command of the Phoenix Tower vampire house. (Second only to his sister)

Physical description: Stands at 5'11'' with a lean build, spiked blond hair and light amber colored eyes. He's always dressed to the T usually opting for tailored suits or some other formal wear. Also, on his right wrist Asher has a tattoo of a vampire glyph which serves as both means of security clearance and identifying which vampire house he's associated with.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: If a situation calls for it, Asher can be extremely charming and persuasive. He's very goal oriented when need be, otherwise he's very laid back and rarely ever loses his cool, collected swagger. The more levelheaded of the Talos siblings, Asher is a bit more submissive than his sister--not to say that he’s a pushover, but compared to her, he’s pretty tame. He’s more at ease hanging in the background and not the center of attention as his sister is accustomed to being. He’s extremely protective of his younger sister, and is driven by the need to keep her content.

Strengths: Heightened senses of smell, sight and hearing along with vampire strength. He can regenerate damaged body parts to a certain extent (He loses a finger it'll grow back in time--loses his head, not so much).

Weaknesses: Due to the vampire virus garlic, sliver and UV rays are all lethal to him. Also, major loss of blood, decapitation, fire and/or extensive damage to his brain or heart would all result in death. Asher is not that savvy a fighter. He's accustom to having hired hands fight his battles for him, so his own fighting skills are a bit lax. He can throw a mean punch, but if more likely to gun a person down than win by means of brute strength.
Asher's greatest weakness would probably be considered his sister though. His only unselfish acts are directed toward her, and he puts her own well-being before his own. For 500+ years the pair have gone un-separated, with Danica naturally assuming the more dominant position. Since he is accustom to acting as her right hand man, Asher is somewhat dependant on his sister and the only thing he fears more than his own death is hers.
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Legal disclaimer: Asher Talos is from Blade: Trinity, and is the property of a bunch of people who aren't me. He is used for the purpose of ficlet writing in theatrical_muse and talking_muses; no profit made in the use of this character.

Also? I'm not Callum Keith Rennie. 'Kay?