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lately ive been womdering what your thinking and how you are.
i haven't forgotten our past, and i haven't forgotten you.
I miss you, There is no one that can compare to you.
There is no one that will be able to replace you in my heart.
I wish things were different, but they aren't and its been accepted.

i feel like i have lost all the creativity in my body.
Love inspires me so much, whether its the bad things or good.
ive come to the conclusion i scare boys off because im needy.
am i needy? i never thought i was until recently.

I miss being in love, i miss the small things.
i can survive, i just miss them.</center>

I got a new job at a Cafe' in North Beach called "La Boulange"
im learning how to become a real Barista, i wish i could wear my hair down.
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