August 12th, 2009

Audrey Hepburn

(no subject)

why does my mind so often wonder back to him?
i am fully aware that what we had is over &
that love i felt or feel for him is mute.
I still can't help but think about him and
the way he made me feel. The only boy.. man
i will ever really love. Of course i have
learned from that love and i am still learning.
the one conclusion that hasn't changed in all
this time without his voice, thoughts or even
a email.. i still care about him deeply & wish
everday that things were different. He was my

atleast i thought so.

*sigh* I am very happy right now, or i was until i started
reading the Twilight Saga, sad i know but it hits so
close to home for a really strange reason. it makes my heart
feel like it is missing something really important.
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