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People Change

I guess i remember why i was so upset about moving away i knew as soon as Ryan and i moved that our friendship would never be the same. In fact we wouldnt even be the same people when we came back home. I was right to be upset to leave the boys because they are growing up in high school boys and well i dont get to be part of it. I loved my friends dearly when i left, and i still love them. Since i have gotten home to Arizona on May 14th, i have tried to see them everynight.. i have seen them once. Ryan always has some excuse why he cant hang out or doesnt want to. i can completely understand.. trust me ive been hiding out too. BUT COME THE FUCK ON its not like i wasnt his best friend when we went to school. its not like im fucking crazy and loud. To be honest i think the real reason behind his behavior is fucking smack. i swear if i find out hes been doing h i will fucking kill him. esp if thats the reason why hes ignoring me.

i honestly feel like none of my friends here even fucking care about me anymore. I would have been better off staying in San Francisco.. atleast i have real friends there and not just people that used me for rides everywhere..

you know what fuck AZ. Moving away from this shit hole is the best thing that ever happened to me. Fuck the people i used to call friends.


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