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be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers

My opinion of Glee has changed from highly amusing musical tv to highly addictive crack. Of course, mainly due to the addition of a new ship to my ever increasing list. Puck/Rachel OTP!

Also, I read The Time Traveler's Wife. That book just ripped out my heart and stomped all over it. I love tales of woe stories that have fate and destiny all mixed up with free will. The idea of a fixed fate is comforting to me. Like if I choose to walk down the other side of the street, it won't have any effect on whether or not I meet my soulmate, etc. Although I think if I had to live through the reality of it, as portrayed in the novel, I'd become seriously depressed.

After I finished the book, I sought out the trailer for the accompanying movie, and that 1-2 minutes was enough to convince me to not watch it. Rachel McAdams just sort of annoys me and I don't think she can play Clare properly. And Eric Bana is definitely not how I imagine Henry. So, avoiding the movie.

But I will most likely check out Niffenegger's next novel once it's released in paperback. Although I don't know how she could tell another story that would surpass her first.

I am so far behind in the Buffy comicverse. Le sigh.

Happy Friday the 13th!
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Right. It's been over two years. And honestly, I wasn't expecting to ever come back. But then I watched True Blood. And read the Sookie novels (which, sidenote? not the greatest in terms of writing, but certainly satisfying on some levels). Discovered the joy of Eric/Sookie (otp ftw). And found myself reading fanfic, and downloading icons, and watching fanvids, and suddenly it feels as if I haven't been gone at all. How does this happen?

The only fandom I've even sort of held an interest in these past few years has been Supernatural, and even that has waned. Don't get me wrong, still enjoying all these crazy 'verses, just not been into the whole fan scene.

So yeah, this is unexpected, and unprecedented, and I have no idea how long it will last. But omigod vampires! telepaths! faeries! yay!
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and in the vein of attempting to post more often

I just received this spam mail in my inbox:
wise beyond your years. An old head on a young body. Therefore you are

[viagra ad - removed for all our sakes]

expression I doubted if he had explored all the meanings of what he
her head, then higher. After a last wave of her hand she vanished from
had waded into this fracas sooner.
Never, no, such a thing I would remember, no- His voice gurgled into
Youre on. I unstuck my canteen and took a swig, then whistled to
It was so quiet you could heard a pin drop. But, of course, a pin
thoughts aloud. Shuffling slaves had brought up leafy branches which
The sound of a number of thudding feet added a note of urgency to his
that is modern art if you are thinking something nasty. For one thing
Eerily poetic. I'm suddenly curious as to where all the fragments get pulled from. Possibly random google hits?

Also, I don't think I mentioned that I created newly_legion back in December. March is so far away that my anticipation has grown by leaps and bounds.

Did you know that Dark Horse has reopened the Buffy Zone? There is an awesome anecdote about the comic too.
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Another Buffy Season 8 post.

I told you I was excited about this. Apologies in advance to any of my flist not into this. I fear the squee will increase exponentially the closer March becomes.

But onto the entire reason for this post!

Someone at scans_daily has posted larger (readable!) scans of the first 4 pages of the first comic!!
Four pages, and Joss has already Jossed a good bit of his own canon. Or in other words - RETCON! I don't really care though, because new BUFFY CANON! And because it's hilarious.

Also? I love Andrew.
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Dexter darkly dreaming.. or something like that

I watched Showtime's latest premiere - Dexter - last night. It left me feeling extremely uncomfortable, yet fascinated. It's a crime drama, only told from the point of view of a serial killer. By far the creepiest tv show I've ever seen. I still feel disturbed from watching it. But the premise is really interesting, especially because the audience is supposed to view him as the protagonist. Beaucoup de fucked up.

Michael C. Hall is the lead (and he's perfect for it), Julie Benz plays the girlfriend, and if you like dark characters and moral ambiguity then I highly recommend this show.

*saunters off again*
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No, I'm actually not dead.

Right, so I haven't updated in 3 months. My poor LJ, I've neglected you. *pets LJ*

I've been watching Prison Break since it started 3 weeks ago. Still love it.
I'm way behind on everything LJ. Ummm, and that's all. For now. ;)
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Alias nostalgia

I'm a whole season behind on Alias, and I plan to catch up soon, but I saw this on my flist and I had to do it. I can't believe it's ending. (Although it's likely for the best.)

Snagged from redrover1980:

When you see this, post a quote from Alias in your Livejournal. Pass it on.

Sark: Whatever Arvin Sloane pays you, it can't be enough. Would you consider coming to work for me if it meant I'd let you walk out of here? I believe if you took the time to hear the comprehensive offer, you might actually say yes.

Sydney: You're cute, but I'll pass.
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