claimin this city

its been a while since I've taken the time to write a thoughtful and complete journal entry on here, or anywhere else for that matter. at 22 now, theres indeed a lot to look back and reflect on, yet I still feel a bit awkward in coming back here to discuss, summarize and even attempt to understand all that occurs as my life.

Somethings I can share freely, one being that I'm finally becoming happy with who I am, both as Joshua in the present and as a human being lucky enough to still be alive on this Earth. Spending time in South Africa last summer and uniting with my Rastafarian brothers and sisters has helped answer some of my deep cultural and spiritual questions regarding life and my experience in it. For once, things are starting to make sense, and to my surprise I'm finding more and more, that as I work on me and improving internally, all that surrounds me begins to brighten up and fall into its place. Its luck? no. Its Jah.

Here is to all of the joy and pain of 2007, and even more thats instore in 08!!!
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