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22 April 1974
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~*~ Currently on Hiatus ~*~

** Work has taken over my life & lately the only thing I seem to have much time for is Twitter (cinjudes is my username there). I promise I'll be back. **

I am a 36 years old and am an all-around TV and movie geek. I have been married to my husband Ben for 11 years and have 2 children - Megan is 12 (from my previous marriage) and Brady is 7. I also have a miniature dachshund named Xander who owns my heart and more than a few too many cats. All in all I consider myself extraordinarily marginal and I live a pretty boring life outside of my online distractions and fandoms.

My TV habit will be the majority of my posts on this LJ although I usually don't keep my fangirling reined in to just that genre. I read excessively - and I read a wide variety of things from the classics to erotica to fanfiction. I also fiddle around with Photoshop when the mood and muse hits me.

I use PS 7.0 and make icons and occasionally I branch into other fanart. I am also starting to make icon brushes and other resource type goodies. I don't plan on starting an icon journal anytime soon so if you friend me for my resources or art just know that you have to tolerate my random from time to time. Shiny?

~*~ Ginormous Resource Post ~*~

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