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_cinder's Journal

3 May
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Þlas†ic Þrince§§
Kat. 16. la femme. toronto canada. bi. taken.

dangerous. depressed. angry. sweet. kinky. laid back. devilish. elitist. sensual. dorky. funny. caring. paranoid. dark. cute. CrAzY. nerdy. problemed. <3loving. obsessed.

me. afraid of heights, bees, balloons and death. i love the night. rain is so sensual. i have braces. caffine addict. i'm deeply in love <3. nympho. my ultimate dream is to sing in a band. i have low self confidence. i take things to hard usually. i tend to think people don't like me. i think people are always trying to kill me. i love body mods. i'm usually broke. dreadlocks and dark makeup get me off. i have an anxiety disorder. i like almost every kind of music. i can listen to manson and then christina right after. i heart high contrast images. bright colours rock as long as there's black with them. i honestly believe telekinesis is real with the right training to bring it out. i <3 photography. nick knight is an amazing photographer. i'm a slacker. i won't do things unless i absolutely have to really want to. very much a procrastinator. i play flute and no i never went to band camp.

- To runaround kids in get-go cars, vasoline afterbirths with neon coughs, galaxies full of nobodies, givin us the farewell runaround. I took a virgin mary axe to his s w e e t baby jane, lost my innocence to a no good girl, SCRATCH my face with anvil hands and coil my tongue round a bumblebee mouth.
and I give it all back to you...

I <3 Greg.

music. smashing pumpkins. stone temple pilots. soundgarden. incubus. a perfect circle. tool. emilie autumn. marilyn manson. audioslave. 30 seconds to mars. big wreck. outkast. foo fighters. garbage. madonna. no doubt. orgy. pearl jam. radiohead. the tea party. tenacious d. edenfall. bif naked. david bowie. christina aguilera. nirvana. queens of a stone age.