Go join snesfans! Because my friend tabbi (hello_im_tab) runs it and yours truly made the layout. And because you all LOVE Nintendo....or I may have to shoot you....

.....multiple times....

Friends Cut
Sorry to anyone I offend. I'm never done this before but it was time. I just need a bit of a fresh start. If you were removed please remove me or comment with a good reason for me to add you back. Please don't take it personally, most of you have lots of other friends and such I just need a change. I really only kept a few people whom I know in real life, am really close with, or love reading their entries every single day.

Sorry again...
jet420 vandoll
repurcity hatchetkittie
goodniteophelia blaklily

Also redwinterdying, I don't know who you are and you never asked to add me so please remove me. :)

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Woot! I got bored today! (that's good for you guys)

You know the rules...(credit me, don't claim as your own, comment)

The rest are over at my icon journal - synthetickitty. It's friend's only but please come visit and comment to gain access! ^_~

- |<At

W00t! I finally found a way that livejournal lets me use my image host without broken links! *dances crazy like* And I am back for the time being as well. So now that I have my host back up for livejournal I'll be posting in MY ICON JOURNAL more often hopefully. Yay! Tell your friends!


THIS IS PISSING ME OFF WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! None of my images on my account work! Nothing in my userinfo, my background, by background to links that's supposed to work when it rolls over! It's driving me crazy! It's not my host because everything's working fine in every other account I own on any journal sites. *runs around in circles*

Does anyone have ANY ideas?????

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Whores only.
You know the drill.
I have the right to not like you.
Have a nice day. ^_^



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