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I'm Kasey and I hate my name. I'm 16 and a sophomore and I love my high school. I'm the shit. I'm not at all simple. I'm overly sarcastic. I curse like a sailor. I have a country accent and I like it and you know you do too. I put salt on EVERYTHING. I'm very intelligent but don't apply myself to anything. I watch Alias and The O.C. religiously. I'm going to marry Johnny Depp someday, just wait. I smoke, get over it. I'm afraid of commitment but I want a relationship. I lie. I break the rules. I'm spontaneous and I hate schedules. I'm obsessed with college football and the Arkansas Razorbacks. I'm a bitch. I will either love you or hate you. Impress me.

Likes : trucker hats. having the best night ever. the color black. hard liquor. college football. Johnny Depp. messy hair. dimples. starbuck's mocha frappuccinos. cruises. the beach. ciggarettes. my cell phone. Johnny Knoxville. shoplifting. summer afternoons. Jamaica. kissing in the rain. driving too fast. great conversations at 2 in the morning. flinston vitamins. stiletto heels. mac make-up. Mexico. rollercoasters.massages. haircuts. holding hands. drunken camping. the country.

Dislikes : political people. people that can't spell. internet pervs. not having my coffee in the morning. writing papers. wiggers. hypocrites. pushy people. guys with huge egos. LSU football fans. infomercials. obnoxious drunks. spoiled brats. reality tv. Britney Spears. over religous people. feet. the smell of freshly cut grass. Arkansas weather.