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Like A Wannabe...

Chained To You
24 October
And when they turn out to be someone you never expected, will you still cry? Or will the days still go by, slowly, trickling like grains of sand through an hourglass made of tears?
american idol, american idol slash, androgyny, anime, anne rice, avalon, b*witched, being slashed, bif naked, bisexuality, bracelets, brephram, buffy the vampire slayer, bust a groove, buying bracelets, card captor sakura, charmed, clay aiken, clay wave, claypril, clee, clyan, conan o'brien, country music, crayola crayons, daiken, dance dance revolution, debauching pianos, digimon, dir en grey, draco/harry, draco/seamus, dragon knights, druidry, earthian, empathy, essential oils, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fairy tales, falling in love, fanfiction, femmeslash, fleetwood mac, gackt, glay, glitter, goddess worship, googling ned, gothic stuff, gothicism, gravitation, gundam wing, hard rock, harry potter, harry/draco, iced earth, inkubus sukkubus, jack off jill, jpop, l'âme immortelle, la vie boheme, les misérables, little goth girl, lollipops, london after midnight, magick, mark/roger, martina mcbride, masami okui, matchbox 20, men's shirts, metal, mission trance, mists of avalon, moon, moonspell, mutant x, nadil/lykouleon, no doubt, okui masami, ourloveissoljinspired, paganism, pansexuality, past lives, quinnstorm, quizzlets, rent, rent slash, rentfic, roleplaying, rp, rpg, ryan seacrest, sailormoon, sandra bullock, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, sean brennan, shiny things, slash, slash me already, soap operas, sorato, sparkles, sparkly braclets, sparkly things, stairway to heaven, star trek:voyager, star wars, stevie nicks, stuff, tarot, tatu, tenchi muyo, the cure, the glass menagerie, the smiths, thrash, tim mcgraw, twincest, utena, vc andrews, weiss kruez, wicca, witch hunter robin, writing, x, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yu-gi-oh!