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Chizuru Honshou
13 April 1992
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Note: RPing journal

House: Gryffindor
Year: 5th
Wand: 7½", Hazelwood, Hippogriff Talon
Pet: Her cat, Skeeter
Family: The Honshou's
Best Subject: Potions
Misc.: Potions created by Chizuru

Chizuru comes from a large, simple wizarding family that is often looked down upon by full-bloods because of their tendency to marry muggles. Chizuru is probably about 1/4 muggle, or 3/4 pure blood, although no one's exactly sure (a good number of her grandparents were half bloods, so who knows where that leaves her at this point). She wasn't always a very good student, but with hard work (and proper motivation from certain female bookworms) she has made great strides in improving her studies. Still, she dedicates most of her time to studying her favorite subject: girls!

Despite her outgoing, sarcastic behavior, Chizuru is actually a very kind and loyal person. Though she'll tease those around her mercilessly, should they ever be in need she's more than ready to put her own safety on the line to help a friend. And despite her polygamous tendencies, deep down all she wants is to find her soulmate (if not Orihime, someone very similar XD) with whom she can live happily ever after.

Random Facts about SH!Chizuru

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Colouring by kaorien

Link: The Ollivander's Wand Test written by fr2nc1z on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Chizuru's Current Crush Count: 39

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Gryffindor brings all the boys girls to the yard.


Lacus: Beautiful and perky, Chizuru was originally attracted to Lacus because of her looks and personality. They have a complicated history, especially where Sengoku is involved. They've been at odds from time to time, but always seem to come back to a friendship based on mutual understanding and respect.

Naruto: A classmate of Chizuru's, she finds his innocence and boundless energy adorable, and has adopted him as a sort of pet, swearing to care for, teach and protect him. She refers to him as "my Naru-chan", and refuses to let anyone so much as touch him.

Tifa: Chizuru admires Tifa (and not just for her fabulous figure). The prefect is smart and kind, while still being strong enough not to take any crap from anyone. And while she occasionally has to chastise Chizuru's more lascivious behaviors, Chizuru knows Tifa is always fair and patient (even if she is a bit of a prude).

Demyx: When Chizuru first met Demyx, she found him rather annoying, as he was unintentionally challenging her thinking with psychology and logic. Once she grew to realize he didn't mean to challenge her, she calmed down and started talking to him. She's always found 'Psychology Boy' rather weird, though not unpleasantly so. Until, of course, he started having feelings for Ami.

Tatsuki: An older Gryffindor girl, Chizuru admires Tatsuki's strength and determination, and the fact that Tatsuki is confident enough to be herself, even if that person isn't always who people expect her to be. She was a bit jealous when Tatsuki and Mugen began pursuing a relationship together (though exactly which one she was jealous of was never determined), but she values Tatsuki's friendship too much to jeopardize that.

Miyu: Chizuru met Miyu while recovering from being rejected by Ami. They took to each other right away, and Miyu soon started sleeping in Chizuru's bed for companionship. Chizuru was somewhat hurt when Miyu didn't seem interested in pursuing a physical relationship, but when Miyu confessed she's both a vampire and in love with Chizuru, Chizuru understood why they hadn't been able to be intimate up until then. Thanks to a potion from Spike, however, that problem was eliminated, making for a very enjoyable summer for Chizuru. XD

Ishida: For a long time Chizuru and Ishida never saw eye-to-eye. Ishida found Chizuru annoying and looked down on her, while she found him stuck up and never missed an opportunity to tease him. Now that they've been paired up for the parenting project, however, something seems to be changing in their relationship. Only time will tell what the end result will be.

Ami: The first girl who Chizuru truely offered her heart to, Ami's feelings for Chizuru have always been nothing more than platonic, a fact that has always caused her much pain. Soon after telling Chizuru she could never think of her as anything more than a friend, Ami dropped out of sight, which helped ease Chizuru's heartbreak. Now she's back, bringing back to Chizuru a lot of emotions she thought were gone.

Sakura: After a "change of life" epiphany, Sakura was left to make an all new set of friends, which led to her meeting Chizuru. They get along well; both strong and opinionated, they give each other support and guidance. Chizuru enjoys being there to reassure Sakura when she is feeling down on herself. She still cannot understand why Sakura cannot see herself for the beautiful woman she truly is.

Orihime: Orihime is an adorable new girl whom Chizuru has bonded strongly with in the few short weeks she's been here. Orihime is everything Chizuru is looking for in a girl; cute, sweet, innocent and smart. So what if she's a little crazy? Chizuru was never one to back down from a challenge. Which it's likely to be, since Orihime has already attracted the attention of several male suitors. Chizuru is confident she can take them!

Misa: Orihime's roommate, Misa is equally sweet and adorable! Though older, she has a youthful innocence that Chizuru finds charming. When she was upset, Misa was of great comfort to Chizuru. She feels a special fondness for Misa, as Misa's unwavering devotion and unrequited love for Raito reminds her quite a bit of her own one-sided feelings for Ami.

Miranda: A shy, quiet girl, she seemed to have a very poor self-image, which immediately drew Chizuru to her in an effort to make her feel better about herself. Chizuru finds her adorable, and cannot for the life of her figure out why such a wonderful person would think so poorly of herself. Chizuru is determined to show her how beautiful she really is, and perhaps help her find love in the process.

Haruko: Friendly and affectionate, Chizuru adores Haruko's rather manic personality. She's the kind of girl to whom one is one-hundred, and Chizuru is always more than happy to help her out, for which she is handsomely praised. Haruko is wacky and out there in a way even Chizuru could never hope to be (quite possibly at the cost of her sanity, as it's debateable whether Haruko is all there upstairs XD). She is endlessly amusing, and beneath it all a sweet and loyal friend.

Yuffie: Chizuru lives to tease Yuffie. The young Slytherin tends to take things very seriously, which makes her incredibly easy to annoy, much to Chizuru’s amusement. Despite this seeming animosity, Chizuru has a deep affection for the child, and would stand up to anyone who threatened her poofy Yuffie (not that Yuffie needs defending!).

Mugen: A classmate of Chizuru's, they originally bonded over their shared interests (like porno). They became friends and now look out for each other, which usually means Chizuru smoothing things out when Mugen's run his mouth again and picked a fight with someone. Chizuru remains blissfully unaware of Mugen's feelings for her, despite certain events during Dream Week when they temporarily became more than friends.

Heimdall: A friend of Lacus', they were originally at odds over a fight between Chizuru and Lacus. They exchanged many snide remarks, which eventually led to them developing a respect for each other. Between their similar wits and their shared concern for Lacus, they have a lot more in comment than either would probably like to admit.

Rukia: A former Slytherin prefect, Chizuru's relationship with Rukia has had it's ups and downs. On the one hand, she often finds the older student stuffy and uptight, bossy and judgemental. Her relationship with Russell Tringham is cute to the point of being gag-worthy. Still, Chizuru cannot deny that Rukia is a fair and just person, resourceful and responsible in the face of pressure. She is one of the most mature people in Chizuru's personal circle, and she values Rukia's advice highly.

Chizuru is always ready for 'Hime loving.

Sengoku x Chizuru is super pervert love.

Chizuru x Orihime is My Hime Love.

Chizuru x Orihime x Tatsuki is School Girls Love.

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