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Another year, another penis. It's getting to where these gender switches don't even phase people anymore. It's just another body part. At least it's still our own bodies, just... altered a bit.

And it's nice to have my journal back. Apparently I left it here when I went home for the holidays. Whoops. Hope I didn't miss anything important.

I did find something important while on break. You know those movey pictures Muggles have, where you watch things, like photographs, but really long and with sound? Well I discovered a most wonderful thing this break!

You know how Muggles have things called "porno magazines", which are like Wizarding nudie mags, but where the pictures don't move? Well, apparently the Muggles took this brilliant idea and combined it with their movey picture technology to make moveys of woman. Having sex! And get this; sometimes, they're having sex with other women! How bloody brilliant is that?!

So instead of a few seconds of two girls going at it, you get to see, and hear, the entire thing, sometimes hours upon hours, of two women making sweet love to one another! Sometimes three or four women even! It's like a mountain of pure, naked heaven~

...Dammit. I forgot the creepy things that happen to my male body when I think about girls too much. Maybe if I keep holding my journal so I can't see it, it'll go away....
*a loud scream, shrill but still distinctly male, is heard coming from the Gryffindor girl's dorm tower*

Oh dear God! What has happened to my beautiful body? And what is that?! It's hideous!

Emergency! I need a Mediwizard stat!
I hear there's going to be quite the hop down at Hogsmeade this weekend. At first I thought it'd be a real drag, but now I think it might be a real humdinger. We'll hit the local speakeasy, cut a rug or two, chat it up with the dames. Maybe there'll even be a doll or two up for a bit of necking. It'll be swell!

And what's that Rue bird beating her gums about? Sure we got the right to vote; so what? Voting has never been the bee's knees. She may be one keen tomato, but she sure can be a bluenose. She ought to see a man about a dog.
Gee, it sure is nice outside today. I think I'll take a walk for most of the day.


All day.

[Private to Ami]

I didn't do it, Ami! Whatever they say I did, I was framed! I'm completely innocent!

[[Backdated to just after breakfast. Needless to say, Chizuru has no intention of being outside. It's all a clever distraction! XD She will have spent most of the day lurking around indoors, in disguise no less! She will be wearing a blonde wig so that no one will recognize her! (Her glasses, however, will be exactly the same. She looks a lot like Momoi Mai (right) from Futakoi.) If your character is exceedingly brilliant (or recognizes a wig when they see one), feel free to have them call shenanigans. XD]]
How are we supposed to go to some festival when we have so much homework to do? They really shouldn't give homework during fun times of the year. It's just rude.

And really, who cares about the fall? The season for layered clothing? Bo-ring! Now summer, bikini season? That's something worth celebrating.

I would be making more progress in my homework, but it's so flipping boring. Goblin wars? Who cares? Goblins are gross, stupid creatures, who cares about their politics? Who's to say they even have politics? Perhaps they just fight for the hell of it. I for one am not going to ask a Goblin why he declared war on another Goblin, and if you would, you need to get a hobby, and a life.

Osaka gave me the idea of studying mermaids for extra credit in DADA, but even that's turning out rather boring. Who would have imagined the specifics about wet, naked girl-like creatures could be so uninteresting? Their politics are even more tedious than the Goblins! Remind me never to attempt to date a mermaid; I'm liable to offend her with some misinterpreted gesture and have her people call for my execution.
Burning useless things: good idea.

Burning outdated books: just stupid. For one thing, older books still have some use. And if you can't use them yourself, you can always sell them. You might as well just burn your knuts.

And speaking of stupid ideas, a kissing booth with blokes? How is that supposed to raise any money? Boys are the ones who have to buy their affections in the first place....
Ok, so being a 6th year officially sucks bollocks. I've been so bloody busy I haven't even had time to unpack fully. I just found this blasted thing today. And the professors, even the pretty ones, are seriously starting to get on my nerves. Work, work, work, that's all they ever want from you. What are they, getting paid or something? Classes are ridiculously hard already. I juist took the OWLs last year; haven't I earned a break or something?

Ami? You know that studying thing you talked about? The one that involved actual studying? ...I think I'm ready.

[[Strike filtered from teacher.]]
Ok, so lesson learned; when a letter arrives from school, open it immediately.

So there were Dark Wizards at the festival? That doesn't sound very festive. What continent were they representing?

Seriously though, is everyone ok? Ami says some people were injured. Everyone healing well?
A festival? How... festive. Unfortunately family obligations prevent me from attending. It's a shame; I'd love to see everyone, visit with all my old friends and make new ones with the incoming firsties and second years. I'll just have to try extra hard to get to know everyone once the school year begins!

Private (Hackable to Friends)Collapse )
Another year, another batch of innocent young girls just aching to learn. But sadly not everything can be learned from the teachers at Hogwarts, capable though they may be. So, amidst all the confusion, once again I will be offering my own expertise to the eager young female minds of Hogwarts!

There's been quite a bit of talk about 'jacking off' lately, all thanks to a promising young student. Well I'm here to tell you that yes, girls CAN jack off, and I can show you how! I can answer all your questions, as well as offer private one-on-one tutoring, for any nubile young minds interested in learning more about this fascinating subject. Chizuru, your teacher, is here to help! Let me take you in my hands and show you the way!
Ok, I know I say this every year, and I always end up taking it back, but I actually miss school. Yeah, I know, I don't get it either. Seriously though, has it only been a few months? It feels like it's been a whole year. And it's bloody cold here, too. They say it's 20°C, but it feels closer to 10. This is the most backwards summer ever.

At least when I get back to school I won't have the OWLs anymore. And I can study Apparating later this year. That'll be fun.

Private (Hackable to Friends)Collapse )
Another Halloween, another masquerade. How many has it been now? Same people, different costumes.

Seeing as I've not been sold as a date this year, I don't really see where I'm obligated to go. I think I'll stay in and study, as I've been falling behind anyway. I just can't seem to concentrate in class lately.

I still have my vampire costume from last year. It just doesn't seem funny now....

[[Strike is private. Just popping in to apologize for my absence lately, and let y'all know it'll last through the beginning of November. If attending cons is tiring, working them is exhausting. At least after next weekend it'll all be over. At least until Anime Supercon, which I've just recently found out we're working, and when I find out who failed to tell me sooner it'll be their balls, 'cause my folks are expecting me to get a holiday job, but I can't rightly do that if I need to be back in Florida the beginning of December. Oy gevalt, when it rains it pours. S'anyway, yeah, expect me to be rather absent for the time being. If I'm going to be more than a week or two more I'll put up an official hiatus notice.]]
I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. I've been busy-- I misplaced my jo-- I was....

Thank you to everyone who sent me cookies. They were very thoughtful if not a bit weird in some cases; one was rather cryptic, and another was stuffed with a poem that took nearly an entire page. I got another poem, too; apparently poetry cookies are popular now. I know who a couple of them came from, particularly my dormmates. Thanks girls. (Oh, and Fuu, you haven't been too annoying so far either, but I'm sure you'll make up for lost time. &hearts )

And to the person who commented on my blue knickers: you should see my new lavender with lace embroidery. They come with matching garter belt.

Private (Hackable to friends)Collapse )

[[And Chizuru is back! XD Strikeouts in the beginning are all illegible. Oh, and friends are everyone in her profile, plus the following people I've been meaning to add: Fuu, Ino, Rock Lee, Hinata, Shin, Kou, Rue, and Amalthea (and possibly others I've forgotten; feel free to ask). Oh, and mood and icon are private.]]
[Private to Tatsuki]

I've got Mugen up in my dorm. I think perhaps it best he stay here a few hours, until your roommate calms down. He can destroy Fuu's possessions for a while. Whenever you think it's safe for him again in your dorm, you can come get him. Just message me to let me know it's you; I've barricaded the door against your roommate. Hopefully Fuu won't need to get inside any time soon....
Back in London. WuTang was certainly interesting. Very pretty, in a kinda cartoony way. Sorta reminded me of a village in some movie picture. Nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. In any case, it's good to be back where the majority of people speak something vaguely resembling English.

Oooh, and guess what! Jennie is gone! She told Mum that she refused to live under the same roof as Hyacinth, and Mum and Dad refused to get rid of her, so Satoshi took Jennie and Connor and moved out! They're renting a flat up in Hackney, and apparently we've been asked not to come visit "until they're done settling in". Seiji said it's just as well; we wouldn't want to go wandering around Hackney anyway, unless we wanted to get mugged. I know he was trying to cheer Mum up by joking, but I think it just made her worry more. I'm just hoping she doesn't ask them to move back.

Oi, Mugen! We still going to Diagon Alley? This being my OWL year and all, I need all kinds of stupid new books and junk.

[[Yinza, I'll leave it up to you how the temple trip turned out. :)]]
Only a week left. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends, it's going to be hard to go back to sleeping alone again. It's really not fair; we should be allowed to let trusted people into our dorms! I wonder if I could transfer to Ravenclaw....

We should probably head back in London a few days early, so we can hit Diagon Alley to get our supplies before meeting the train on the first day. I have a date with Mugen for Diagon Alley two days before train day, so we should probably Floo back to London the day before that at the latest. Yiffie, you coming with and staying at my house up until we leave, or are you staying here and Flooing to London at the last minute?

And hey, while we're still here in the Chinese land of Oz, what's with this "only natives can go upstairs" line the monks at the Temple keep feeding me? What are they hiding up there that I'm not allowed to see? It's not my fault I wasn't born in WuTang! I deserve to see what's up there just as much as any of the local jerks like your dad. Who are they to say I can't go up there?
Wow, Wutai is a trip. It's like an entire village based on one of those porcelain models of an ancient Japanese village. Pagodas and everything, it's adorable. And everyone speaks Japanese, which of course doesn't come as a shock, but it's weird not being able to understand a word anyone says. Yuffie's not the best translator, either; I suspect she's been lying a lot of the time when she tells me what other people are saying. Either that, or it's an entire village of Yuffies.

The area here is beautiful. The landscape and mountains are gorgeous, not nearly so dreary as England. And all the primary colors on the buildings makes the place look sorta like an Amusement park. I'm not sure the locals would appreciate the comparison, though (or understand it; I get the feeling many of these folks have never been outside their village. I still can't decide if that's cute or sad.)

You were right about your dad, Yuffie. He is a jerk, though not quite so much as I expected from the way you described. Maybe he's softening in his old age?

[[First post in a long time. I've been traveling lately, so my updates are few and far between. I apologize. I still check here when I can! ♥]]
Again, happy birthday Shin. The party was fun; it was nice meeting some of the extended family.

[Private to Kaoru]

I've sent off the potion. It should be there within a day. Please don't feed my brother's owl; the fat thing is too spoiled as it is. Just give it some water please.


So we're off for Japan or Russia or something. See y'all when we get back!

[Private to Miyu]

You ready dear?
[Private: Moderately Hackable to Friends]

It's funny how you can love someone so much, for so long, and still know so little about them. Somehow respecting one's discomfort with discussing the past has turned into a rather large gap of knowledge. How important is the past in who we are today? Can you really love someone this much and not know where they've come from?

[Private to Miyu]

Darling, I'm going to visit Yuffie in Wutai in a few days -- it's somewhere near Japan and Russia -- and I thought, if you didn't have any other plans, I'd love for you to come with me.

I was telling her how I know you have some Japanese ancestors, but I'm not actually sure if you've ever been to Japan. It occurred to me: I know you grew up with your mother, but I'm not actually sure where that was.... Where did you grow up? Where were you born? If they're not connected to painful memories, I'd really like to hear about your childhood.
Filtered from Lacus so she won't worryCollapse )
So Miyu and I have a room at the hotel in Altamira. It's convenient to the park, casino, and the shows. It's a good price with the discount, but it's still rather expensive (it's a really fancy hotel, after all. Fanciest I've ever been in, 'cept for beach place last Christmas.) So, we could use someone to help split the cost.

We have a nice sized room with two twin beds. Miyu and I will use one, so the other one is free to whoever wants it, provided you chip in to help pay for the room. Any takers?
Hyacinth arrived today. I've missed her; it's like having an old nanny back. Granted it's a small, green nanny, but still.

Everyone's really happy to have her. Even Shigeru seems glad she's here. He didn't say so, but he said "whatever" when she arrived, and didn't hit her when she tried to tidy him up and pull his pants up over his arse.

Now Mum and Dad are trying to figure out where she should stay. She climbed under the kitchen sink to sleep of her own accord, but my parents want her to have somewhere nicer to stay. They're trying to figure out if a closet would be large enough, or if we should try to work out a sleeping quarters behind the water heater. It was even suggested we convert the shed into a room for her, but we need to be careful not to let the neighbors see her....

Plus she freaks the shite out of Jennie, which is always fun.
Fuu brought up a good point; now that she's safe, and I need no longer worry about her, I can resume pursuit of other interests~

On that note, this amusement park thing coming up sounds mildly interesting. I haven't been to an amusement park in years, ever since Mr. Clyne took us to Thorpe Park when I was 10. It'd be fun to visit one again. Hopefully this visit won't result in a lifetime ban like the last one.

Miyu? What do you think? We said we should take a holiday together during the summer, after all~ Whaddaya say?
[Filtered from Authorities]

This is ridiculous. Where the hell is Fuu? She said some "loonies" had some plan to save her, so why the hell isn't she home yet? My parents are starting to worry; I can only tell them she's "visiting friends" for so long. I knew I should have called the authorities when I first found out. This is asinine; she could be dead by now! What was I thinking, trusting a bunch of people who are stupid enough to be her friends to protect her?

If she dies, I'm holding each and every one of you so-called "friends" personally responsible. Especially you, Abarai. Some boyfriend you turned out to be.

Oww, fuck, my nails....

[[Page has faint smears of blood on it.

In case you didn't notice, I is back. I'd think in the two weeks I was gone Fuu would have been rescued, but apparently not. XD Seeing as Fuu's been missing all this time, it's only fitting that Chizuru be freaking out over it. At this point in time she is no longer the happy kind of 'gay'. XD]]
I'm surprised to say it, but it's really good to be home.

Y'know, after all those OWLs Miyu, you must be very tense. And like Rangiku said, tension is never good for you. We must do something to help you relax. But what~? ;)

Oh, and Fuu? Why don't you take a walk, get to know the neighborhood. Really make yourself familiar with the area. Two Three hours ought to do it.
Gon, we you are so fucking dead....
[[Just when I my journal is able to go non-friends only again (and my interests are back!), my paid account dies! Waaaah!

It was a good year. Hopefully I can beg some money from my 'rents to get it back....]]
When it rains it pours. I'm finally back in business. Thanks, Kanmuri, for helping me get my knack back.

All my orders should be ready by this afternoon. I'll have them delivered by this evening.

It's good to be working again even though I'm not getting paid for any of these potions; maybe soon I can sell a few potions for some scratch money. I could use some money for the summer. Speaking of which, Miyu, do you realize that in the year and a half we've been together, I can count on one hand the number of official 'dates' we've been on? We need to rectify that. This summer, we'll do every kind of traditional date scenerio there is; dinner, dancing, Muggle movey pictures, picnic, the beach... maybe we'll even get Mum to let us go on a weekend trip. How does that sound?~♥

But first I need some funds. So, does anyone have any potions they'd like to order? I'm offering a special End Of The Year sale price! Last chance before the summer to get your special Chizuru-made potions. Nowhere else can you get these special original recipe potions!

Also, I'm going to be busy this evening, so I'm looking for a volunteer to deliver my orders this evening. If it goes well I may be able to pay you for any future jobs next year. Anyone interested?

[Private to Kanmuri]

Hey Kanmuri, before all these orders came in, I was working on developing a youth potion. I think I've finally got the mixture right, but I was hoping you could take a look at it and inspect it before I moved on to testing. Mind if I send a batch your way?
Good to know privacy is back again. Now I can go back to writing my most intimate secrets~

[Private to Miyu]

Hey sweetie, it seems Fuu needs a place to stay in London. What would you think about her staying with us?
Awww, you look so pretty Odin! What a wretched name, though. A girl so pretty should have an equally pretty name. I knew Lacus' dresses would fit you!
[Filtered from Fuu]

Idiot, having a birthday and not even telling anyone. Is she trying to be a bloody martyr or something? I wonder how soon I can get/make a present....

[Private to Azuma]

Hey 'zuma, how fast can you make a cake?
Until the Warriors of Censorship move on to a new site, Chizuru's journal is FO. Hopefully this will all blow over soon, so we can get back to freely plotting.

I also had to take out more than half of Chizuru's interests. That depresses me greatly; I went to a lot of effort to come up with so many synonyms for those of the female persuasion. And the "female erection" interest was such a fantastic reference to canon. I'll miss them all greatly.

A moment to remember them.

ami, bi girls, boobs, breasts, cute girls, female erections, flirting, girls, groping, gryffindor, gryffindor girls, hime, hogwarts, hot girls, hufflepuff girls, inoue, inoue orihime, lacus, ladies, lesbians, magic, miyu, muggle girls, orihime, pretty girls, quidditch girls, ravenclaw girls, sengoku, sex, sexy girls, slytherin girls, teasing firsties, witches, women

When fiction is outlawed, only outlaws will write fiction.
[Filtered to Friends]....Certainly one of the more interesting evenings I've ever had.

[Private (Hackable in parts to Miyu)]

I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting.... I guess it was naive of me to expect good news, or even someone like Miyu... but I learned quite a bit all the same, and I think I can use it. If someone so jaded and pessimistic could feel that there's hope, then I know we can make it work. He's right, it won't be easy, but it's worth any effort. We deserve to be happy, both of us, together.
The music is getting rather annoying, but Honey is right; it's easy enough to ignore. Just block it out, or think of some other music. And consider how it could be worse -- it could be metal, or some god-awful boy band.

And Fuu, I know you already had one bath today in front of the castle, but for Merlin's sake, take another; you're starting to smell as bad as Mugen.

[Filtered to friends]

Professor Hellsing wishes to meet with me Sunday; she's taking me someplace off school grounds to meet someone. It's all rather vague and secretive, and I may have to take a blood oath before I'm allowed to meet this person, but all-in-all it seems rather interesting. I must say I'm rather looking forward to it.
[Filtered from Staff (Hackable in parts to teachers, 'cept for Winchesters XD)]

Stupid bigoted Americans, judging things they don't understand. That kind of attitude might by understandable from Muggles, who have no frame of reference to know better, but Wizards are supposed to be educated on these things. You'd thinking knowing species thought not to exist by Muggles would make people curious, but no, they hear something new exists, their first instinct is to kill it. "Oh, it's different than us, so it must be bad, let's destroy it."

Just because vampires, or lycans, or wen...whatevers, just because they're different, doesn't mean they're our enemies. It doesn't matter who or what you are; what matters is what you do.

I'm not sure why everyone's making such a fuss about the Sex Ed class. Someone in my position should be more apt to complain; the odds of there being any useful information on the subject I don't already know are rather slim. But I figure at worst, it's a free period to listen in on a familiar topic that at least isn't boring, and at best, some of you out there may actually learn a thing or two. Really, that's the big deal? It can't possibly be as dull as Arithmancy. That's better than nothing, eh?

[Private to Matt]

I need some excitement. Care to make a little wager on this new class?

[[Aislinn, again, you know I love you and the boys! Chizuru's just overly defensive. If you like, I can have Yukari beat her for speaking ill of the hot American boys. Or you can have Daniel lay into her. Whatever you want. XD ♥]]
[Private (Hackable to friends)]

Rinali still isn't speaking to me. She must be really mad.

She doesn't understand. If she truly knew the things he'd done, the way he'd hurt people I care about, she couldn't expect me to forgive him. No one as kind as her could condone the behavior of someone who hurts people for no other reason than personal amusement. And it's not like he even wants to be a good person; he enjoys making people suffer. What kind of decent person does that?

I love Rinali for her sweetness and innocence, but it scares me when she so blindly trusts such dangerous people. She pushes away people who really care about her in favour of ones who would just as quickly stab her in the back if it ever suited them. She resents people their concern.

I don't blame her, and I won't give up on her. But I can't forgive him. Not after what he's done to Tatsuki and me. Hopefully one day she'll see him for what he really is.
Yuffie, as long as you're a little kid, I don't mind carrying you around on my shoulders. (Hell, I offered.) I don't even mind you telling me which way to go. But don't hit me with your wand and go "giddyup" again. Why do you even still have that? Shouldn't they have taken those away from you?

The first time it was cute; the next 30 times it was annoying. Do it again and I'm grabbing that wand from you and smacking you with it, and all the ninja skills in the world can't help you. Got it?

[[I'm sure, even at 4, Yuffie is still faster than Chizuru, and could get away with it a few more times if she wanted. (Of course, eventually, Chizuru would just throw Yuffie off her shoulders. XD) Yinza, any objections?]]
[Private (Hackable to close friends)]

Something is wrong with Rinali. She won't confide in me -- the poor thing, she's trying to be so stoic -- but that only makes me worry more. In the past people who get that withdrawn and sullen often turn to desperate measures to deal with their sadness. What if Rinali is a danger to herself?! My poor darling! ;_;

She won't tell me what's wrong, and I don't want to invade her privacy, but I have to make sure she's alright. I need someone to watch over her. Someone who can get close to her, and has good skills for uncovering things. Someone like--

Oh God. Of all the people... It's for Rinali, it's for Rinali....

[Private to Light]

Light Yagami, I need to ask you a favor. I need you to keep an eye on Rinali, make sure she's safe. I'm worried about her.

I know full well you probably won't do it for my sake, but word has it you're her friend too, so I'd think you'd have an interest in her safety as well.

Just... make sure she's ok. Please.
Lots of people seem to be turning into cats again. I wonder why I haven't. Miyu seemed to be really turned on by it last time.... Maybe I'm just a bit late....
[Private to Mugen]

So I hear you're in bad with the resident headshrinker. Cutting off your supply even. Care to tell me how this started? Perhaps I can help you.
Private (Hackable to Friends)Collapse )

Hey everyone, I know I've been a little... cranky lately, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry. To most of you.
Hey everybody!!! It's Mell, with an OoC announcement:

May 8th is Cella's birthday!!!

Cella, as you all should know, is the fantastic mun of Orihime, Miranda, and our beloved Sakura Haruno!!! We love Cella so! As you may have also seen today, Sakura's paid account expired.

So, I thought, as a birthday gift to Cella, a good number of us could pitch in $5 gift certs to buy her a new paid account! If only 5 people send $5 each she'll be able to afford an entire year's paid account! If another 2 people join in, she can get 100+ icons to go with that year!

If you care to show Cella your love and can spare $5, follow the instructions below!

Go here!

Choose $5 Gift Certificate

User: former_fangirl

Delivery Date: May 8, 2007

That's it! She'll absolutely adore it!

Two important notes:

1. Make sure to use a gift certificate, rather than a paid account. That way, she'll be able to combine the values and save on a longer subscription.

2. DON'T TELL HER!!! It's a birthday surprise!!!! ♥
What an odd couple of days. I'd assume it was due to the concussion, but I doubt everyone in school, professors included, suffered recent head injuries. Though you wouldn't know it from looking....

Apparently for a few days I believed myself to be a Japanese Muggle. It's rather interesting, too, the things I seemed to know. I had a first-hand knowledge of Muggle culture and arts, much more than just listening to my brother's music and seeing movie pictures with my cousins in the summer. I rather wish I could still remember it.

I wish I could remember the other version of my birthday, too. A lingerie changing room sounds like a much better place to spend one's 15th birthday than a hospital.

Speaking of which, now that I've remembered who I am, I was able to check the post. It seems in the last few days Daddy has sent nearly a half-dozen lengthy letters by owl, as well as several letters from Seiji, Mummy, and even one from Satoshi. I feel rather sorry for the owls who had to deliver them.... It seems Daddy heard about the incident last week and is livid. "That a man of Dumbledore's position could allow such an attack to be commit against a student, and on her birthday no less...." I haven't seen him this mad since he heard I wasn't a virgin. He wants to withdraw me from school again, and for once Mummy seems to agree with him. Even Seiji seems a tad concerned. I wonder how I'll manage to reassure them even when I'm finding difficulty reassuring myself....

Oh, and a belated birthday gift arrived from my cousins. Another Potions book, this one on healing potions. Ironic, since I can't seem to keep even the simplest potion straight in my head....

[Private to Sakura]

Thank you for the gift. My memory has been fuzzy lately, but I clearly remember the fireworks and the message and the fire-bird. They were all beautiful. And the book is lovely. Rather sad, some of the poetry, but all the more beautiful....

[Private to Miyu]

Grimmjow tried to kill Himawari in the last few days, in addition to threatening Tatsuki, Orihime and myself.

I'm sure of it now. Heimdall is my friend, and Matt may be a self-serving asshole, but he can't be bothered to harm someone who has committed no major offense against him. It has to be Grimmjow. These last few days prove it; even without everyone's standing relationships, it's in his very nature to be destructive and violent against the innocent. Granted, I'm not entirely innocent myself, but I have no guilt over anything I've done where he's concerned. It had to have been him.

Now, what to do about it?
So now that things have calmed down a bit, I've had a chance to think things over, as well as read some of the other pages in this book. (Oddly enough, some pages seem blank, but I can't write on them. I wonder what that's about...?)

It makes no sense. This book says I spent my birthday last week in the hospital. That's ridiculous; I spent my birthday in the changing room in the lingerie department of Mitsukoshi. (It was what I asked for....)

It also said I was friends with a lot of the people here. Like Sakura. She seems like a nice girl, but I don't know her. Or Yuffie, who I think is the girl who suggested I get my head checked out by Ichigo's dad.

And Miyu, the Watcher. According to this journal, she and I are... a couple, for over a year. And deeply in love, apparently. It sounds nice; it'd be wonderful to have someone like that in my life, but if it was true, wouldn't I remember it? Besides, I love Orihime, and she and Miyu seem to have nothing in common. Granted, Miyu seems.. interesting, (fascinating even, despite her believing she's a vampire, which is a pretty good sign that she's not all there upstairs), but she's not 'hime. How could I ever love someone more than 'hime?

This is all so confusing. My life has always been so simple. When did things get so complicated?
What the hell is going on? Ishida-kun, Tatsuki and I seem to be trapped in some weird foreign building, a "Wizarding School" they say, like that makes any sense, I can't find Orihime anywhere, and now some creepy guy with a bone on his face is saying some guy named Uncorra or something has kidnapped her? What the hell is going on?! I shouldn't be here. I should be at home studying, or reading about the new Chinese girls in Morning Musume. I don't even know where I am anymore!

[[In canon, Chizuru is not the protagonist. (Though she certainly deserves her own series. XD) She provides no major plot motivation of any kind. Ergo, she won't be much of a leader when things get stressful. Expect her to latch onto people she feels she can trust and follow them around like a frightened puppy. XD]]
I cave to peer pressure. Here's your stupid quiz. The results are kinda.... yeah. Hit-or-miss. (Though I won't argue that if Yukari were a color, she'd be RED! XD)

Putting them all in one post, to spare your flist.

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They say I can go back to my dorm tomorrow morning. My cognizance is back, and my reflexes and senses all seem to be working properly. Except for several large tender spots on the back of my head, I don't have any real lasting effects at this point.

Thanks to everyone who came and visited me. Even the ones I don't remember, in which case I'm sorry.

[Private (Hackable to Friends)]

Actually, I have been having occasional headaches, but I didn't see the need to mention it to Dr. Kurosaki. He'd just worry unnecessarily, and possibly even make me stay another few days. I'm sure it's just soreness from the impact.

Impacts. Which, Miyu tells me, someone inflicted intentionally on me. (And from the way she told me, I have the feeling she'd already told me a couple times before. There's nothing more frustrating than having people tell you things like English isn't your first language. "You... hit... your head....". Not that Miyu did that; she was very patient. Only... almost a little too patient....) Could someone really hate me that much, to try to harm me that bad?


....Ok, so it was intentional. Who could it be? Who has it out for me?

Well, there's Heimdall, but I thought we worked things out. Of course I'd thought we had last time too, and I saw where that got me. He says he's not mad at me anymore, but he said the same thing before his last revenge scheme, too. Still, I feel like even he could never do something like this to me. I want to believe it. But when someone wants to take it to this level, I can't afford to be too trusting anymore.

Then there's Matt. He seemed pretty pissed about the charm cast on his boyfriend. He said if I ever tried it again, he would.. how did he put it? Ah yes, 'rip the flesh from my bones'. Of course I'm not famously proficient with charms, but the potion he was given was a rather advanced one, and there's less than a half-dozen students in school who could make something like that. It's not unreasonable that he'd put 2 and 2 together and realize the events were related. And if he knew I cast the charm, what would he do to pay me back?

And of course there's Grimmjow. He was pretty pissed after the little confrontation in the hall. It's not like I'd planned to break his ankle ahead of time. He grabbed me and threw me against the wall; I had to cripple him to make sure I could make my escape without him catching up to me. I'd be inclined to think it was him, especially seeing how non-magical and lacking in imagination it was, but he's been out of the Hospital Wing for over a month, and he hasn't tried anything yet. Grunts like him don't have long attention spans; if he was going to try to get revenge on me, I'm pretty sure he would have done it by now.

So someone out there has it in for me. Just great.

Well, I guess that means it's officially Spring.
...I'm in the Hospital Wing. My head is killing me. They haven't told me why I'm here.

I'm going to have to reschedule my plans for today. I'm sorry... umm... Sakura? I know I had plans with several people....

Anyway, they say I have to stay several days, which means I'll be here for my birthday tomorrow. That sucks.

....Madam Pomfrey says today is Friday. That means today is my birthday.... I wonder if they'll let me leave today....

[[Chizuru is still pretty dazed and out of it, but she's awake now. She also has anterograde amnesia, which means for the next few days she'll have a tendency to forget things. They very well may have told her why she's in the Hospital Wing, and she forgot. XD

Oh, and April 13th is her canon birthday. That wasn't part of the plan to coordinate with that. It just worked out that way. XD]]
*In a 3rd floor hall, not far from the Transfiguration classroom, someone out after curfew and walking by could by chance hear a soft thumping noise coming from a large suit of armor*

[[Oooh, how cryptic. XD Sadly I'm not allowed to free my character; she must remain until she is either rescued or released tomorrow morning. Poor thing; she must be thirsty (among other things XD)...]]
So much has been happening lately, it's been really amazing!

Between potions and social engagements, there's so much to do all of a sudden! When it rains, it pours!

Rinali, how about we meet up after morning classes and do some exercises until lunch? That way lunch can serve to refuel your energy! Since it's mostly just stretches and non-stressful stuff, I don't think it'll cause any sort of stomach cramping... even so, I should probably bring an antacid potion, just in case. I couldn't live with myself if my training caused you any discomfort!

[Private to Kanda]

Oh and Kanda, I checked my class schedule, and I have an early class, so could you possibly meet me around the hall outside the Transfiguration department to give me back my clothes? It's a few stories up, near the stairs towards Gryffindor tower, so it shouldn't be too inconvenient for you, and it'll save me a ton of time. I hope that's not an inconvenience. I'd really appreciate it.

[Private to Miyu]

Last night was amazing. Studying, combining my two favorite things: Potions and you.... It was unbelievable.

We must do it again. Tonight.

The house elves managed to find a few leftovers from some of the items Professor Hellsing ate the other day. It's not much -- a bit of pumpkin juice in the bottom of a glass, a bit of crust off a sandwich -- but it's a good place to start looking for traces of any potion someone might have slipped her. Finding an existing potion and modifying it if possible would be a lot easier than starting from scratch.

We probably shouldn't be testing food in the library; it might look suspicious. I'll meet you after dinner in the abandoned room, the one we decorated for Shin and Ema's date. (I think it's still decorated, come to think of it....)

[[Poor Chizuru. So happy. So much going for her right now. XD

Tomorrow morning, immediately after breakfast, Chizuru is going to go missing. Like *Poof*, vanished. I gave her even more plans than usual, so that someone might actually notice she was gone and come looking for her. So if your character is a Professor, a 4th year, a friend of Chizuru's, or otherwise has plans with her, you may notice she's disappeared. Hopefully someone will find her before her 'captor' comes back for her. After a respectable amount of time has passed (captor-mun demands it! XD) I'll post with a note where Chizuru is, so someone can come find her. If they want to. Or not. XD]]