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18 December 2020 @ 02:15 pm
...Friends only.

I want to be a little more discreet about the things I post, and to be generally more organized. :D Don't worry, the more public-friendly entries will stay public. :D For the rest of you, get an LJ now!

Want to be added? Comment~! :)
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02 October 2009 @ 10:03 am
What can I say. Med school, med school related activities, and Facebook eat up basically all my time.

Metro Manila is still in a state of calamity after Ondoy, and with a supertyphoon on the way, it's enough to send a person into full blown panic. Still, a lot of things to be thankful for:

My family is 100% okay!
The sheer bayanihan spirit that's been inspired in pinoys everywhere! (and even non-pinoys) Nothing warms the heart like compassion :)
Many friends and relatives were affected, with some witnessing all their furniture washed away, but none of my loved ones actually got hurt!
No school til monday, so plenty of time to rest (I have the flu), recharge, and volunteer! (Not to mention I can actually go to my cousin's wedding at 3pm, which I wouldn't be able to do if there was class)

(And finally, no one probably cares but me, but I made a secret that's on fandomsecrets 's 1000th post. :D It's a happy secret, so it made other people happy too, haha!)

14 February 2009 @ 11:05 pm
Last night was easily one of the most fucking scary and awesome nights (and mornings) of my life.

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Good lord.

Oh and Happy Valentines all! ♥

08 February 2009 @ 10:14 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY runturtlerun !!!

Or at least in this timezone it is.

I miss you more than an LJ entry can say. I never get used to you being no more than a phone call away. Half of the time I can't understand anything you blog about... which is ironic, given you're the simplest, most grounded, most understanding person I know. I can't even find any pictures of us together (we were never big camwhores when we hung out, and anyway I'm losing a lot of files). I keep thinking: you need to come home SOON... so we can take lots and lots pictures together at last, like proper BFFs.

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07 February 2009 @ 12:48 am
Because I can only look at these for so long without melting my brain:

Figure 1. 10 mm pig embryo, geniculate ganglion

Gossip Girl: Carnal KnowledgeCollapse )

Also, gosh I need to start watching House again. I keep hearing "Damn Foreman is a lucky bastard!" everywhere I go.

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03 February 2009 @ 01:33 pm

If I could tell a story in words, I wouldn't need to lug a camera.

- Lewis Hine, American Photographer (1874-1940)

Learn about

Photos That Moved the World


How to Take Them

An Alternative Classroom Learning Experience

by the UP Photography Society (UP OPTICS) :)

February 4, Wednesday

1 - 5 PM

AS 410

Speaker: Dan Cercado, photographer extraordinaire


For more info, contact Cori (0905-294-45-48)

Register online at http://acres. ph.tc/


There are people who will tell you
that using the word fuck in a poem
indicates a serious lapse
of taste, or imagination,

or both. It's vulgar,
indecorous, an obscenity
that crashes down like an anvil
falling through a skylight

to land on a restaurant table,
on the white linen, the cut-glass vase of lilacs.
But if you were sitting
over coffee when the metal

hit your saucer like a missile,
wouldn't that be the first thing
you'd say? Wouldn't you leap back
shouting, or at least thinking it,

over and over, bell-note riotously clanging
in the church of your brain
while the solicitous waiter
led you away, wouldn't you prop

your shaking elbows on the bar
and order your first drink in months,
telling yourself you were lucky
to be alive? And if you wouldn't

say anything but Mercy or Oh my
or Land sakes, well then
I don't want to know you anyway
and I don't give a fuck what you think

of my poem. The world is divided
into those whose opinions matter
and those who will never have
a clue, and if you knew

which one you were I could talk
to you, and tell you that sometimes
there's only one word that means
what you need it to mean, the way

there's only one person
when you first fall in love,
or one infant's cry that calls forth
the burning milk, one name

that you pray to when prayer
is what's left to you. I'm saying
in the beginning was the word
and it was good, it meant one human

entering another and it's still
what I love, the word made
flesh. Fuck me, I say to the one
whose lovely body I want close,

and as we fuck I know it's holy,
a psalm, a hymn, a hammer
ringing down on an anvil,
forging a whole new world.

~ Kim Addonizio

15 January 2009 @ 08:22 am

Watch this ad! Haha! I love you Cristiano!
13 January 2009 @ 09:36 am

Yet it's already late Tuesday morning in the Philippines, and there is no decent download for GG episode 15 "Gone With The Will" on XTVI.

Aaahhh it's only just returned from holiday hiatus, and I'm on withdrawal all over again. :((

11 January 2009 @ 03:02 pm
I never thought I would have to take a personality quiz in order to get into med school. When we were informed that we had to take an exam yesterday, I assumed it would be some sort of IQ test. Or at worst, another GRE. But no.

Question: (something like) You would want to be:
a. successful
b. efficient
c. friendly

Me: Ummm....

I don't like these things because I become inconsistent. For example, a question asked whether I would want to be, in an American football team, the coach, the star quarterback, or the elected team captain. I can automatically see that coach = someone who likes to plan things, be in the background, team captain = leader, take-charge, sociable and star quarterback = someone who likes attention. IRL i would probably be the coach, or maybe the team captain. But if I had a chance to pick? Damn straight I'd be the quarterback. :))

It gets funnier in the second part of the exam, which involved a slideshow of black and white pictures, and we had 5 minutes each to "write a story and be as dramatic as possible".

A picture of a little boy with his head in his hands, looking at a violin.

My story: Boy is the son of servants in some rich lord's house, who's always wanted this expensive Stradivarius violin in the store window. one day he steals money from his master's house, the rich lord flips and blames his parents, the family is turned out into the street, and eventually his mother gets sick and dies. He was too much of a wuss to admit that it was all his fault and stares at the violin, the cause of all his greed and his downfall. (shut up, we had five minutes)

Scott's story: Boy has always wanted to play the violin, but was never allowed. One day he is invited to a party at his friend's house where he sees the violin and is torn between obeying his parents and playing the violin. He eventually obeys his parents. (Omg Scotty)

But not one of us could beat...

Erik's story: Boy was a JEWISH VIOLINIST DURING WW2. He was very skilled and loved to play, but couldn't get a break. He was looking at the violin feeling torn because he was invited to play for a NAZI PARTY. Should he refuse, or should he play the violin FOR HITLER? Eventually he  agreed and his music "healed the warring hearts of all those who heard him" or some other such flowery bullshit FTW.

Can all exams be like this?