before you break you have to shed your armor

take a trip and fall into the glitter

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the basics
i was born 25 years ago in a meaningless town some miles north of new york city. i have lived in the same house since i was two weeks old. i used to be painfully shy as a child and that was why i hardly ever spoke in public. now its because i just don't care. i have four best friends--three of which i've known since before i could read. they mean pretty much everything to me. the most important person in the world to me is my mom. we're polar opposites and many days i feel like we don't have the same viewpoints on anything. but if she jumps, i jump jack, and that's all there is to it.

the journal
this journal is friends only. i like knowing who's looking. i have a great group of lj friends and i'm not really looking for any more right now. you can go ahead and friend me if you like, but just know that you probably won't get friended back (unless we know each other from some community/fandom).
i do post icons, fanmixes, and fanfics in various communities, but i do not post them in this journal. on the off-chance that you're here looking for something i've created, visit my creative journal, pleasuremoment. older posts are cataloged in my memories.

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