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{Sparkling moments and megical dreams}

......Prinzessinen welt

Mîŝš PŕīńżéşśĪʼn
3 April
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Princess þïå ♥

Shes born on 03. April 1988 in a small country named Unterpremstätten in Austria. She has a Boyfriend named Roland. He is her life. She has black-blue hair and brown eyes. Shes 172 cm tall. Her fav. colour is pink. She has 5 cats and 1 baby rabbit. ♥ She also loves Hello Kitty and San-x. Everything from Japan is ♥

Music ♥

Can't live without music.
Santana, Rammstein, In extremo, HIM, The Rasmus, Negative ♥, Christina Aguilera, Pointer sisters, Hoobastank, Richard Ashcroft, P!nk, Gwen stefanie, Eric Clapton, Phil Coliens....

Livejournal ♥

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Tx for the cute scribble to amandahh (Site ♥)

Creampuffs.de Dort gibt es die besten Torten!

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