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I'm not in this to be a fair weather friend. I'm having the best time of my life, and most of my friends don't truly care.

Then again, that's how it is when you grow up. You lose most of your friends and you're left with the ones that actually care or are too scared to let go.

I told Tim I didn't want to be friends anymore. I wish I could tell most people that.

Kevin is keeping me strong right now. I've been with him for a short time, but we know that it's entirely serious. He loves me and I love him. It's all entirely new and I honestly don't care what anybody thinks of it anymore. Once he moves out of Missouri and into San Fran, nothing will stop me from accomplishing every single last thing I've ever wanted.
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My friends give me headaches. I REALLY hate having to lie. A LOT. I can't tell the truth; well, not when it's embarrassing. Either way I'm hurting myself.
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I wish

I could fit everything that I'm feeling into one sentence. Too bad.

I'm going to make a new journal name I think. =/ No one reads this really and I only use this name for communities, so I'll most likely end up switching.
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My mentor

I guess Mr. Thaler was talking about me today. It's kind of nice to know I'm missed.

I really really miss him. He was my mentor in a way. That's what I miss. A mentor. But not just ANY mentor. MY mentor. Mr. Paul F Thaler.

Fucking shit I would like to talk to him. fuck fuckfuckfuck fuck.

Happy Thanksgiving. Be nice to those in retail plz.
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I've noticed competition tap isn't really made of tap. Just... tricks and turns and a couple flaps here and there. The combination I'm doing right now is just tap. A fuckload of tap that is reallllly fast. I love it. We're doing Don't Be Cruel by Elvis. The teacher, Dennon, is very unapproachable and scary sometimes, but he for sure knows what he's doing, as opposed to Giles. Mrs. Giles is still good, yes, but she was all centered around tricks.

It's really neat though. I love tap.